Convenience Tops as One of The Most Essential Benefits of Smart Home Devices

GenZ and Millennials desire convenience the most


As per a survey conducted by Expert Market research, 35.38% of respondents experienced increased convenience post buying smart home devices followed by an equal share who prefer security and enhanced comfort respectively.


Benefits experienced by users of smart home devices


Numerous benefits received through smart home devices might be the sole reason individuals opt for them. Smart home devices are highly beneficial for homeowners who are looking for customization and convenience at their doorstep. As per a comprehensive survey conducted by Expert Market Research across top tier 1 and 2 cities, covering over 60,000 respondents, the results delve deep into the various benefits received from smart home devices.


The survey results indicate that 35.38% of the respondents adopt smart home devices because of the increased convenience while an equal percentage of respondents i.e. 13.85% prefer them because of monitoring and enhanced comfort respectively. This study aims to analyze numerous benefits received through smart home devices and determine which among them is most preferrable. It’s clearly stated that most of the respondents, i.e. 35.38%, are inclined towards smart home devices because of the ease in convenience surpassing other benefits received which includes remote monitoring, enhanced comfort and energy efficiency.


Benefits and trends of smart home devices

Smart home devices have made our lives primarily convenient since in the era of rapidly changing environment, getting all the things done as fast as possible is what needs to be done. The integration of voice assistant and modulation devices into daily routine has significantly modified the definition of convenience. Now, turning off the fan and listening to your favorite music can be done with a voice command. Additionally, connectivity of smartphone apps along with smart home appliances has made possible one’s accessibility to his space from any place at any time. This convenience allows users to monitor as well as control their appliances via the apps installed in their smartphones.


Post-analyzing various benefits that consumers experience through smart home devices, it is concluded that convenience tops as the most essential benefit. Our study further explores that convenience as a benefit usually instills a sense of satisfaction among millennials and Genz. As this generation is majorly comprises of college students and professionals, customization and saving time is most desirable. On the other hand, the security benefit and energy savings attract older adults more as they already have less faith towards the adoption of new technology along with being price sensitive.


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