Market Analysis

Global Mung Beans Market Size, Share, Demand, Forecast: By End Use: Household, HoReCa; Regional Analysis; Market Dynamics: SWOT Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, Key Indicators for Demand, Key Indicators for Price; Value Chain Analysis; Trade Data Analysis; Competitive Landscape; Industry Events and Developments; 2024-2032

Mung Beans Market Analysis

The global mung beans market is being driven by the growing consumer awareness regarding the benefits of the consumption of the product. The health-conscious consumers are increasingly incorporating mung beans into their diets as they are an excellent source of proteins, fibres, vitamins, minerals, phytoestrogens, and antioxidants. It has been found that mung beans are helpful in preventing and controlling certain health issues like diabetes, heart diseases, anaemia, and cancer, thus, leading to its increased adoption by the consumers. 

Rising awareness among farmers regarding the modern farming methods and practices, particularly in the emerging nations like India, is leading to the improved cultivation and high yields of mung beans. Growing government support, aiming to aid the farmers with the launch of several programmes and subsidy policies, is expected to contribute to the industry growth significantly. 

With rising disposable incomes and growing consumer focus on health and wellness, the industry is witnessing an increased growth. The incorporation of mung beans in other food products by consumers, as well as manufacturers, are providing a boost to the industry. The growing focus of manufacturers to launch plant-based food products, fulfilling the surging demand from the vegan populace, is expected to result in new trials, which will further aid the industry growth over the forecast period.

The report gives a detailed analysis of the key players in the global mung beans market, covering their competitive landscape, capacity, and latest developments like mergers, acquisitions, and investments, expansions of capacity, and plant turnarounds. The comprehensive EMR report provides an in-depth assessment of the market based on the Porter's five forces model along with giving a SWOT analysis.


Mung Beans Market Report Snapshots

Mung Beans Market Size

Mung Beans Market Analysis


*While we strive to always give you current and accurate information, the numbers depicted on the website are indicative and may differ from the actual numbers in the main report. At Expert Market Research, we aim to bring you the latest insights and trends in the market. Using our analyses and forecasts, stakeholders can understand the market dynamics, navigate challenges, and capitalize on opportunities to make data-driven strategic decisions.

1    Preface
2    Report Coverage – Key Segmentation and Scope
3    Report Description

    3.1    Market Definition and Outlook
    3.2    Properties and Applications
    3.3    Market Analysis
    3.4    Key Players
4    Key Assumptions
5    Executive Summary

    5.1    Overview
    5.2    Key Drivers
    5.3    Key Developments
    5.4    Competitive Structure
    5.5    Key Industrial Trends
6    Snapshot
    6.1    Global
    6.2    Regional
7    Opportunities and Challenges in the Market
8    Global Mung Beans Market Analysis

    8.1    Key Industry Highlights
    8.2    Global Mung Beans Historical Market (2018-2023) 
    8.3    Global Mung Beans Market Forecast (2024-2032)
    8.4    Global Mung Beans Market by End Use
        8.4.1    Household
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
        8.4.2    HoReCa
      Historical Trend (2018-2023)
      Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    8.5    Global Mung Beans Market by Region
        8.5.1    Asia Pacific
        8.5.2    Latin America
        8.5.3    Middle East and Africa
        8.5.4    Rest of the World
 9    Asia Pacific Rum Market Analysis
    9.1    China
        9.1.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.1.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.2    India
        9.2.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.2.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.3    Myanmar
        9.3.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.3.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.4    Indonesia
        9.4.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.4.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.5    Vietnam
        9.5.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.5.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.6    Japan
        9.6.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        9.6.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    9.7    Others
10    Latin America Rum Market Analysis
    10.1    Brazil
        10.1.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        10.1.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    10.2    Argentina
        10.2.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        10.2.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    10.3    Others
11    Middle East and Africa Rum Market Analysis
    11.1    United Arab Emirates
        11.1.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        11.1.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    11.2    Kenya
        11.2.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        11.2.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    11.3    Tanzania
        11.3.1    Historical Trend (2018-2023)
        11.3.2    Forecast Trend (2024-2032)
    11.4    Others

12    Market Dynamics
    12.1    SWOT Analysis
        12.1.1    Strengths
        12.1.2    Weaknesses
        12.1.3    Opportunities
        12.1.4    Threats
    12.2    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
        12.2.1    Supplier’s Power
        12.2.2    Buyers Power
        12.2.3    Threat of New Entrants
        12.2.4    Degree of Rivalry
        12.2.5    Threat of Substitutes
    12.3    Key Indicators for Demand
    12.4    Key Indicators for Price
13    Value Chain Analysis
14    Trade Data Analysis 

    14.1    Major Importing Countries
        14.1.1    By Volume
        14.1.2    By Value
    14.2    Major Exporting Countries
        14.2.1    By Volume
        14.2.2    By Value
15    Price Analysis
16    Manufacturing Process
    16.1    Detailed Process Flow
    16.2    Operations Involved
    16.3    Raw Material Requirements and Mass Balance
17    Project Details, Requirements and Costs Involved
    17.1    Land Requirements and Expenditures
    17.2    Construction Requirements and Expenditures
    17.3    Plant Machinery
    17.4    Machinery Pictures
    17.5    Raw Material Requirements and Expenditures
    17.6    Raw Material and Final Product Pictures
    17.7    Packaging Requirements and Expenditures
    17.8    Transportation Requirements and Expenditures
    17.9    Utility Requirements and Expenditures
    17.12    Manpower Requirements and Expenditures
    17.11    Other Capital Investments
18    Loans and Financial Assistance
19    Project Economics

    19.1    Capital Cost of the Project
    19.2    Techno-Economic Parameters
    19.3    Product Pricing and Margins Across Various Levels of the Supply Chain
    19.4    Taxation and Depreciation
    19.5    Income Projections
    19.6    Expenditure Projections
    19.7    Financial Analysis
    19.8    Profit Analysis
20    Competitive Landscape
    20.1    Market Structure
    20.2    Company Profiles
21    Key Trends and Developments in the Market


List of Key Figures and Tables

1.    Global Mung Beans Market: Key Industry Highlights, 2018 and 2032
2.    Global Mung Beans Historical Market: Breakup by Region (Million Tons), 2018-2023
3.    Global Mung Beans Market Forecast: Breakup by Region (Million Tons), 2024-2032
4.    Asia Pacific Mung Beans Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2018-2023
5.    Asia Pacific Mung Beans Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2024-2032
6.    Latin America Mung Beans Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2018-2023
7.    Latin America Mung Beans Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2024-2032
8.    Middle East and Africa Mung Beans Historical Market: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2018-2023
9.    Middle East and Africa Mung Beans Market Forecast: Breakup by Country (Million Tons), 2024-2032
10.    Major Importing Countries by Volume 
11.    Major Exporting Countries by Volume 
12.    Major Importing Countries by Value 
13.    Major Exporting Countries by Value 
14.    Global Mung Beans Market Structure

Key Questions Answered in the Report

The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% between 2024 and 2032.

The major drivers of the market are growing awareness regarding health, rising disposable incomes and increasing population, development of advanced farming methods, growing shift towards nutritious and plant-based food products, and growing government initiatives to support the farmers.

The key trends guiding the growth of the market include the growing research activities to develop new plant-based formulations for food products and the growing demand for such beans from the vegan populace.

The major regions in the market are the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and the Asia Pacific, and rest of the world.

Mung beans contain nutrients and antioxidants that provide health benefits such as aid digestive health and provide protection from heat stroke and are thus preferred by consumers all across the globe. 

Mung beans are small seeds usually green coloured on the outside and yellow on the inside. 

The major end uses of the product include household, HoReCa among others.

Analyst Review

The global mung beans market is being driven by rising health concern among consumers and the launch of various programmes by governments to aid the farmers and assist them with modern farming methods. Aided by the increasing product demand from the vegan populace and growing trials to develop enhanced product formulations, the market is expected to witness a moderate growth over the forecast period of 2024-2032 at a CAGR of 5.2%.

EMR’s meticulous research methodology delves deep into the market, covering the macro and micro aspects of the industry. On the basis of end use, the market is divided into household and HoReCa. The major regional markets for the product are the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa, and rest of the world. 

EMR’s research methodology uses a combination of cutting-edge analytical tools and the expertise of their highly accomplished team, thus, providing their customers with market insights that are accurate, actionable, and help them remain ahead of their competition.

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