EMR provides a range of marketing and business research solutions designed for your specific needs. From off-the-shelf syndicated business & market research to made-to-order custom research, we serve our clients to fulfill their immediate as well as ongoing research requirements.

We specialize in the following areas:

Syndicated Research

Our syndicated research reports provide business intelligence imperative to our client’s needs. The reports are the result of a thorough qualitative and quantitative research analysis that help our clients to get a sagacious grasp of the existing market scenario as well as the emerging and high growth markets all over the world. This further benefits the clients as they can make the most of the prevailing market opportunities and carry out strategic decisions accordingly.

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Custom Research - Expert Market Research

In order to address the individual cliental needs and requirements, we provide customised market research services. Our team of market research analysts and experts undertakes an erudite approach and carries out an elaborative research methodology to fulfil strategic needs, be it the market analysis of a specific region, product or application.

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Consulting Services - Expert Market Research

Our group of expert consultants hold a deep knowledge of the market which has been acquired by years of experience and training. Our consulting services are aligned with the specific needs of our clients which help them to formulate suitable business and marketing strategy, overcome market challenges and establish a successful business in the market.

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Our strong team of skilled & experienced analysts & research consultants deliver analysis, comment, opinion and advice on the latest market trends and conditions that help businesses to make informed decisions in their respective competitive environment. We gather data through the global resource network using focused, iterative and validated methodologies in order to minimize and eliminate error and present most accurate information.
Our clients have strong conviction in us for their research requirements since we know their industry, dedicate ample time to understand their business challenges, and the receptiveness of our experts makes the research proceeds seamless.