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Fluence Executes USD 3 million Follow-On Aspiral™ Order From ITEST.

Fluence Executes USD 3 million Follow-On Aspiralâ„¢ Order From ITEST


In November 2019, Fluence Corporation Limited (ASX: FLC) announced that the company has received a USD 3 million follow-on order from a ITEST subsidiary in China. According to the deal, the company has to deliver 10 Aspiral S1 units, 18 Aspiral L4 units, and auxiliary equipment to ITEST, bringing the total capacity of this purchase order to 1,950 m3/day.

The purchased units will be deployed at service stations and toll stations along highways in Hubei province based on the agreement signed in October 2018. Shipments of the units will begin immediately and are expected to extend into early 2020.

Fluence, a leader in the decentralised water, wastewater, and reuse treatment markets provides its customers with Smart Products Solutions, including Aspiral™, NIROBOX™, and SUBRE. Starting from early stage evaluation through innovative design and deployment, to ongoing support and optimisation of water-related assets, Fluence provides an integrated range of services across the complete water cycle. Fluence with the operations in over 70 countries worldwide, enables industries and communities to maximise their water resources by providing advanced wastewater treatment solutions.

With the growing scarcity of water resources, the global demand to treat wastewater before being channeled back to the environment has increased, which is aiding the global packaged wastewater treatment industry. The global packaged wastewater treatment market stood at a value of nearly USD 17.56 billion in 2019. The market is further expected to see a robust growth in the forecast period of 2020-2025, growing at a CAGR of 10.5%. By 2025, it is projected to reach a value of USD 31.98 billion. While North America is a leading market in the global packaged wastewater treatment industry, the Asia Pacific is the emerging market for the product, owing to high industrialisation and rapid urbanisation in the emerging economies of the region, such as China and India.

The demand for Fluence’s AspiralTM products has increased due to its superior nitrogen removal capabilities, further making it ideal for treating wastewater high in nitrogen concentration. Since the inception of a multi-year partnership one-year ago between Fluence Corporation and ITEST, Fluence has received the orders of more than 100 AspiralTM units from the company, forming a close relationship with it. ITEST is deploying these units to treat influent from its sites, which are high in nitrogen concentration. For Fluence, ITEST has become its true partner, further aiding the company to expand its business in China.

Earlier in March 2019, Fluence received a third bulk order for Aspiral™ under its three-year strategic partnership agreement with ITEST in China to treat wastewater to Class 1A standards across the highway system in Hubei Province, which will be followed by the deployment of 40 additional Aspiral™ units at toll stations, parking lots, and service areas. While the L4 models of Aspiral™ Smart Packaged wastewater treatment plants will be deployed at parking lots and service areas to treat up to 200 m^3/day of wastewater, the S1 models will be used at toll stations, aiming to treat up to 75 m^3/day. ITEST, satisfied with the performance of both Aspiral™ S1 and L4 models owing to their ability to deliver consistent, high-quality wastewater treatment, is partnering with the company continuously, further reaffirming customer’s confidence in the Fluence’s MABR technology delivering efficient results.


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