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Claight Corp. publishes market research reports on various industry verticals. All reports purchased via the website, email or over the phone are subject to the following disclaimer. A purchase automatically indicates acceptance of the disclaimer.

  • We, at EMR, gather information from various sources such as face-to- face interviews, paid databases, annual reports, surveys and media releases. This information is collated in good faith and used on an as is and as available basis by us.

  • Our reports should only be construed as guidance. We assert that any business or investment decisions should not be based purely on the information presented in our reports. We will not be responsible for any losses incurred by a client as a result of decisions made based on any information included in the reports.

  • We do not guarantee or take responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, reliability and usefulness of any information. In many cases, the opinion expressed in the reports is our current opinion based on the prevailing market trends and is subject to change.

  • The information provided by us is for the sole use of the authorised recipient(s). No part of the information or service may be duplicated or transmitted in any manner or by any medium without prior permission from EMR. Any such act will be considered as the breach of the ‘Terms & Conditions’ under which the report has been purchased.

  • For more information please contact: sales@expertmarketresearch.com