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  Global Ceramic Tiles Market to Reach 19 Million Sq. Metres by 2022

Published Date: 03 Dec 2018

Ceramic tiles represent one of the most popular components of the construction industry. They have emerged as a good replacement to other flooring products owing to their distinct properties. Ceramic tiles are highly durable as they are extremely tough and difficult to crack. They are also impervious to water and stain penetration which m...

  Global Polypropylene Copolymer Market to Reach 30 Million Tons by 2023

Published Date: 04 Dec 2018

Polypropylene copolymer is a type of thermoplastic addition polymer which is produced by consolidation of numerous units of propylene monomers. It is transparent and colourless with a glossy and relatively slippery surface.

  Global Vegetable Oil Market to Reach 242 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 13 Jun 2017

Vegetable oil is a natural oil produced from plant materials such as soy bean, palm fruit, rapeseed, cotton seed, sunflower seed, coconut, maize, etc. At fairly low temperature, it usually remains liquid and mostly comes in a light yellow colour with mild, bearable odour. It has a plethora of benefits as it reduces the risk of cardiovascu...

  Global Potassium Permanganate Market to Reach 296 Thousand Tons by 2022

Published Date: 13 Jun 2017

Potassium permanganate is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula, KMnO4. It is a dark purple coloured crystalline compound, which is odourless and sweet in taste. Potassium permanganate has oxidising, bacterial and algicidal properties which make it a versatile compound that is used in a number of applications.

  Global Phenol Market to Reach 14.2 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 13 Jun 2017

Phenol is an aromatic organic compound which occurs as white crystalline powder or a colourless liquid, having the chemical formula, C6H6O. Also known as carbolic acid, benzenol or monohydroxybenzene, phenol is mildly acidic in nature. It has stronger hydrogen bond and higher solubility in water than alcohols.

  Global Tire Market to Reach 3.6 Billion units by 2022

Published Date: 13 Jun 2017

Tire is part of a vehicle in the shape of a ring which covers the rim of the wheel. It is manufactured mainly with rubber, carbon black and other chemical compounds. Majority of the tires are pneumatic tires which are filled with compressed air to form an inflated cushion and are used in various types of vehicles such as bicycles, cars, b...

  Global Toilet Soap Market to Reach US$ 24 Billion by 2022

Published Date: 08 Jun 2017

Toilet soap refers to a soap which is designed for bathing or washing and maintaining the hygiene of the body. It is mainly prepared from three ingredients –  oils or fats, alkali (caustic soda or caustic potash) and water. Perfumes, colours, antiseptics, disinfectants, special oil blends, skin-whitening agents, glycerine, etc. are als...

  Global Linear Alpha Olefins Market to Reach 5.5 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 06 Jun 2017

Linear alpha olefins are petrochemicals which are unbranched alkenes with the chemical formula, CxH2x. They are produced majorly by dehydration of alcohols, oligomerization of ethylene or the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis followed by purification. Linear alpha olefins comprise of various important products like 1-butene, 1-octene, 1-hexene, 1...

  Global Cross-Laminated Timber Market to Reach 1.4 Million Cubic Metres by 2022

Published Date: 05 Jun 2017

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) is a solid engineered wood product which is rapidly gaining popularity in residential and non-residential applications. Owing to its properties CLT is proving to be a highly advantageous alternative to conventional materials like concrete, masonry or steel.

  Global Onion Powder Market to Reach 70 Thousand Tons by 2022

Published Date: 03 Jun 2017

Onion powder is a dehydrated form of white, yellow or red onions which can be prepared commercially by dehydrating, vacuum-shelf drying, freeze-drying and flow drying. The water content from fresh onions is removed, which are then grounded and crumbled into powder form without impairing their nutrient content. As compared to raw and fresh...

  Global Ink Market to Reach US$ 23 Billion by 2022

Published Date: 01 Jun 2017

Ink refers to a liquid or paste which consists of dyes or pigments. It can be used for writing or drawing with a pen, brush or quill. Over the years, there has been a change in the variety and quality of pigments used in inks as a result of introduction of new technologies, availability of raw material and increasing awareness of ink’s ...

  Vietnam LED Lighting Market to Reach US$ 384 Million by 2022

Published Date: 31 May 2017

Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are semiconductors that produce and emit light when activated. Owing to the benefits of LEDs, they are considered as better alternative to other sources of light. In comparison to conventional lights, LEDs use energy more efficiently as they are directional light sources that emit light in a specific direction...

  Global Permanent Magnets Market to Reach US$ 23,979 Million by 2022

Published Date: 29 May 2017

Permanent magnet is an object which is made by processing ferromagnetic materials in a powerful magnetic field. One of its distinctive attributes is its high degree of retentivity which enables it to retain magnetism so as to maintain a large magnetic flow even in the absence of an applied magnetizing field.

  Global Cigarette Market to Reach US$ 1054 Billion by 2022

Published Date: 29 May 2017

Cigarette contains dried and crushed leaves of tobacco plant which are rolled in a thin paper for smoking. It is considered as highly addictive due to the presence of the primary psychoactive chemical, Nicotine. Cigarette currently represents the most popular and widely consumed form of tobacco, accounting for the majority of the market s...

  Global Starch Blended Biodegradable Polymer Market to Reach 570 Thousand Tons by 2022

Published Date: 26 May 2017

Starch blended biodegradable polymers represent the second largest type of biodegradable polymers, after PLA (Polylactic Acid). They can be produced either by combining starch and synthetic polymers or by chemical modifications. The starch content in these polymers should be more than 60% in order to breakdown the material and leave less ...

  Global Citric Acid Market to Reach 2.8 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 24 May 2017

Citric acid is a natural and weak organic acid with the chemical formula, C6H8O7. It is commonly found in citrus fruits like lemons, lime, oranges, grapefruits, etc. It is a popular food additive and harmless preservative that helps in stabilizing and preserving food products.

  Global Pectin Market to Reach US$ 2,846 Million by 2022

Published Date: 24 May 2017

Pectin is naturally found in citrus fruits such as oranges, berries, peaches, apricots, cherries, grapes, apples and blackberries in the form of a carbohydrate called polysaccharide. The quality and content of pectin in different fruits may vary depending on their maturity and variety.

  Global Tea Market to Reach 7 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 23 May 2017

Tea is a hot beverage prepared by brewing or boiling the dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis. It finds its origin in China and is considered as the world’s second most popular beverage after water. This is mainly due to the convenience that tea offers as it can be prepared easily and quickly by anyone. The popularity of tea can ...

  Global White Cement Market to Reach 25 Million Tons By 2022

Published Date: 23 May 2017

White cement is a hydraulic binder whose physical characteristics correspond to those of grey cement. Its whiteness and undertone are highly influenced by the presence of metal oxides, primarily iron and manganese.

  Global Sodium Chloride Market to Reach 328 Million Tons by 2022

Published Date: 22 May 2017

Sodium chloride, commonly known as halite or salt, is considered as an essential mineral for the survival of human body. It is a colourless crystal which is readily soluble in water. Sodium chloride can be obtained naturally either by evaporating sea water or by mining underground deposits. It can also be produced synthetically by the che...

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