Return Policy

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Claight Corp. publishes market research reports on various industry verticals. All reports purchased via the website, email or over the phone are subject to the following disclaimer. A purchase automatically indicates acceptance of the disclaimer.

  • All purchases made from are final. Users are requested to read all available information regarding a report before placing an order.

  • Any doubts regarding transactions should be immediately taken up with Expert Market Research before making any payments or purchases.

  • In case of an error during a transaction carried out with Expert Market Research, the user should immediately contact a member of the Company’s customer service team and report the problem.

  • The type and the digital format of the information sold by Expert Market Research is such that the Company cannot accept any requests for returns and refunds on the research reports which have been dispatched.

  • If the data provided in a report by Expert Market Research is incomplete, missing or different from what was agreed between the Company and the user, the user can contact our sales team where our representative will resolve the problem.