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Expert Market Research Explores the Top 5 Companies in the Global Anti-Fibrinolytic Drugs Market

Top 5 Companies in the Global Anti-Fibrinolytic Drugs Market


The leading market players in the industry include Pfizer Inc., Sanofi SA, Akorn, Inc, Cadila Healthcare Ltd., and Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited, among others.


The global anti-fibrinolytic drugs market witnessed a healthy growth in the historical period of 2017-2021 aided by the rising healthcare sector in the emerging regions. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027.

Anti-fibrinolytic drugs are used to treat trauma, which is reportedly one of the primary causes of death worldwide. The drug is also used to treat haemophilia A and B, platelet dysfunctions, and numerous other bleeding disorders. The usage of the drugs in oral bleeding treatments is bolstering the market growth. The rising adoption of these drugs for the treatment of menorrhagia, that is, heavy menstrual flow is expected to bolster the anti-fibrinolytic drugs industry in the coming years. The increasing investments in the research and development of hemophilia products are also predicted to influence the demand for the drugs in the forecast period.


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North America has been a leading market in the anti-fibrinolytic drugs market in the historical period and is expected to continue in the forecast period. The dominance of the region can be attributed to the rising numbers of severe road accidents and trauma. A significant proportion of the deaths in North America are reported to be caused by trauma.


Top 5 Anti-Fibrinolytic Drugs Companies in the World:

Pfizer Inc.

Established: 1849
Headquarters: New York City, United States

Pfizer Inc., a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology corporation, is involved in developing vaccines and medicines such as Viagra, Zoloft, and Lipitor. The company is dedicated to discovering, developing, manufacturing, and marketing prescription medications for both humans and animals. In March 2020, when the COVID-19 outbreak was recognised as a global pandemic, the company began research on a COVID-19 vaccine.


Sanofi SA

Established: 2004
Headquarters: Paris, France

Sanofi’s social impact strategy plans to make the world healthier by ensuring more straightforward access to healthcare to even the poorest of people worldwide. It is also determined to fight infectious diseases, such as sleeping sickness and polio, while also working towards decreasing the environmental impact of its products. The company comprises over 100,000+ employees in about 90 countries where Sanofi is present, with 69 manufacturing sites in 32 countries and 21 research and development sites comprising of medicines, clinical research, and vaccines.


Akorn, Inc.

Established: 1971
Headquarters: Illionis, The United States

Akorn, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies, is responsible for the production and market of speciality pharmaceuticals, including prescriptions, consumer health, and animal health products. As a market leader in branded and generic products such as ophthalmic, injectables, topicals, inhalants, and nasal sprays, among others, the company majorly focuses on its singular mission of improving lives through quality, availability, and affordability of its products.


Cadila Healthcare Ltd

Established: 1952
Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The market leader globally ranks 4th in the Indian pharmaceutical industry. The Zydus Cadila group has its manufacturing sites and research facilities spread across India, particularly in Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Himachal Pradesh, and Sikkim, and globally in the United States and Brazil. Their global business sees a firm hold in the regulated markets of the United States, France, Spain, and the other profitable markets of Latin America and South Africa. Their innovation program is led forward by 1300 researchers across 19 sites, as they explore different ideas and concepts to innovate constantly in this rapidly changing world.


Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited

Established: 1781
Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan

Takeda is Japan's largest pharmaceutical company and a global industry leader. It is a research-based company that focuses majorly on pharmaceuticals and is committed to the betterment of patients’ health worldwide through its innovation in medicine. The products are marketed in around 100 countries globally. The company’s research and development constantly strive hard for scientific breakthroughs to deliver transformative therapies to patients worldwide.

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