Top 4 Companies Supporting Food Security and Ruling the Global Acaricides Market

top acaricides companies


The major players in the global acaricides market are Syngenta Crop Protection AG, Bayer AG, UPL Europe Limited, and Corteva Agriscience, among others.


The global acaricides market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the growing focus to increase crop yield.


The market for acaricides is being fuelled by the increasing population, growing concerns regarding food security, reducing arable land, and the surging initiatives to increase crop yield. Acaricides are used in the livestock sector for tick control on host animals. They are typically delivered as sprays, spot-ons and pour-ons, applied with dust, or mixed with surfactants.


Several livestock owners are also incorporating acaricides into plastics and other matrices to ensure their long-lasting efficiency. In addition, the rising use of acaricide-impregnated plastic ear tags to control ear-infestation ticks on various domestic animals is propelling the market growth.


The emerging concerns regarding the drawbacks of the utilisation of synthetic acaricides are leading to the development of environmentally friendly acaricides that offer enhanced efficiency and show no cross-resistance to other pesticides. Moreover, the utilisation of innovative technologies for the development of innovative and highly efficient acaricides is likely to aid the market growth.


Furthermore, several leading companies are increasing the availability of acaricides through e-commerce platforms, which is likely to boost their accessibility among farmers. As various accessories for improving the efficacy of acaricides, such as liquid/talc solutions and plastic collars, among others, are developed, the market for acaricides is likely to witness healthy growth in the forecast period.


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Top 4 Acaricides Companies in the World:

Syngenta Group AG

Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
Establishment: 2000


Syngenta AG is a leading agritech company that aims to improve crop production while driving sustainability. It has a vast workforce of 30,000 employees in 90 countries. The company’s global sales reached USD 16.7 billion in 2021. In September 2022, the company launched the world's first commercial digital solution for diagnosing infestations through satellite images.


Bayer AG

Headquarters: Leverkusen, Germany
Establishment: 1863


Bayer is a life science company that focuses on the agricultural and healthcare sectors. The company aims to improve the quality of life for people by treating and preventing diseases through its advanced and innovative solutions. It is involved in three major segments, namely, crop sciences, pharmaceuticals, and consumer health.


UPL Europe Limited

Headquarters: Cheshire, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1993


UPL Europe Limited is a major sustainable agricultural solutions and agrochemical company. It offers a comprehensive portfolio of post-patent and patented agricultural solutions for speciality crops and arable lands. With more than 10,000 employees, the company has 43 manufacturing facilities and 18 research and development facilities, and its products are sold in 138 countries across the globe.


Corteva Agriscience

Headquarters: Indiana, United States
Establishment: 2019


Corteva Agriscience is an agricultural company that offers an innovative portfolio of crop protection, seed, as well as digital innovation. In 2021, the company attained net sales of USD 15.65 billion and employed nearly 21,000 people. With more than 10 million consumers, the company has a wide presence in about 140 countries. In September 2022, the company signed a definitive agreement to acquire Symborg and accelerate the development of innovative biologicals.

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