Top 4 Companies Dominating the Global Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains Market

top antimicrobial hospital curtains companies


Elers Medical Finland Ltd, Hospital Curtain Solutions, Inc., National Surgical Corporation, and Bio Technics Ltd, among others, are the major players in the global antimicrobial hospital curtains market.


The global antimicrobial hospital curtains market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the increasing demand for high-quality medical fabrics and the growing requirement to control hospital-acquired infections are expected to drive the global antimicrobials hospital curtains market during the forecast period.


The increasing population across the continents, the rising prevalence of lifestyle-related disorders and infections, and the rising hospitalisation rates are leading to the expansion of hospitals and private clinics. Antimicrobial curtains effectively protect hospital rooms from contamination by eliminating microbes like fungi and bacteria, due to which their demand in hospitals and private clinics is significantly growing.


The rising expenditure on healthcare infrastructure in regions like North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific is anticipated to propel the market growth of antimicrobial hospital curtains.


The demand for disposable curtains in the healthcare sector is considerably growing due to the surging requirement for replacing curtains at fixed intervals in higher occupancy rooms. In addition, the rising focus on hygiene in hospitals and clinics, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, is bolstering the utilisation of disposable curtains.


The growing innovations by the key market players are leading to the development of safe, recyclable, and flame-retardant antimicrobial hospital curtains. Moreover, such hospital curtains require no laundering and are cost-effective. Various leading healthcare companies like Cardinal Health Inc are increasingly providing disposable textiles and infection control apparel for healthcare settings. With the growing demand for innovative solutions, major players in the antimicrobial hospital curtains market are continuously enhancing their R&D capabilities.


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Top 4 Global Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains Companies:

Elers Medical Finland Ltd

Headquarters: Espoo, Finland
Establishment: 2014


Elers Medical Finland Ltd. is one of the global leaders in hospital-acquired infection control. The company designs and manufactures a complete range of over 30 unique professional infection control products that contain no antibiotics or hazardous chemicals. Elers Medical Antimicrobial Disposable Curtains are the latest addition to its product portfolio. Its mission is to bring global healthcare services costs down by 1% through its antimicrobial solutions.


Hospital Curtain Solutions, Inc.

Headquarters: Michigan, United States
Establishment: 2009


Hospital Curtain Solutions Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high-quality conventional and sustainable cubicle curtains, bedspreads, window treatments & hardware for the healthcare industry. The company also provides hygiene solutions through a range of other products like PRVC curtains, snap curtains, cubicle tracks, drapes, and blinds. The fabrics offered by the company either meet or exceed NFPA 701 certification for vertical flammability.


National Surgical Corporation

Headquarters: New South Wales, Australia
Establishment: 1998


National Surgical Corporation is an import manufacturer in the healthcare industry that provides surgical instruments, consumables, equipment as well as shelving all major hospitals, private clinics, and healthcare facilities across Australia. The company has a range of products that can be used by all specialist disciplines and departments within a hospital, day surgery or specialist centre. Its product portfolio includes wound drainage systems, electrosurgical/diathermy products, surgical instruments, cleaning brushes, Medichill ice packs, operating theatre consumables, and protection products, among others. It has 20 employees based around Australia.


Bio Technics Ltd

Headquarters: Gourdon, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1995


Bio Technics Ltd manufactures various environmentally friendly products for disinfection and cleaning applications. Some of its leading product ranges include AntiBak, Endurocide, and Simply Bio. The company’s products are utilised in healthcare sectors, including ambulances, hospitals, nursing homes, dentist surgeries, and schools, among others. The company is a part of OTL Group, which has developed specialist products across areas like medical and healthcare, food hygiene and decontamination, and home care industries, among others.


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