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Top 7 Companies Dominating the Global Calcium Nitrate Market, Aided by the Rising Demand for Nitrogenous Fertilisers

Top Calcium Nitrate Companies


Haifa Group, UralChem, JSC, Yara International ASA, Ako Kasei Co., Ltd., Shanxi Jiaocheng Tianlong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd., Van Iperen B.V., and ProChem, Inc., among others, are the major players in the global calcium nitrate market.


The global calcium nitrate market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.4% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is being driven by the growing use of calcium nitrate in agricultural applications.


The rising utilisation of nitrate-based fertilisers to boost plant growth is surging the demand for calcium nitrate in the agricultural sector. Calcium nitrate effectively provides nitrogen and macronutrients to plants while preventing the onset of various diseases. The increasing demand for high-quality produce is also surging the use of calcium nitrate to improve cell wall leading and prevent cracking of vegetables and fruits.


With the increasing focus on wastewater management, the use of calcium nitrate to resist the metabolism of odour-creating materials such as hydrogen sulphide and remove unwanted odours is surging. There is a growing use of calcium nitrate to prevent oxygen deficiency in wastewater treatment plants and reduce the risk of biochemical oxygen demand permit violation. 


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Several benefits of calcium nitrate, such as affordability, favourable chemical properties, and ease of storage, among others, are increasing its use in wastewater treatment solutions. Calcium nitrate is also used to eliminate the safety problems of hydrogen sulphide while preventing its formation in wastewater treatment and sewage plants.


The growing demand for calcium nitrate to accelerate the formation of iron hydroxide and mortar and concrete setting is propelling the market growth. With rising construction activities, the chemical is also utilised to protect concrete from corrosion. Moreover, the cooling effect offered by calcium nitrate during dissipation is surging its utilisation as a useful ingredient in regenerable cold packs. 


Top 7 Calcium Nitrate Companies in the World:

Haifa Group

Establishment: 1966
Headquarters: Haifa, Israel


Haifa Group is a company that produces, develops, and markets various types of speciality fertilisers in nearly 100 countries across the globe. Its products are known for their low chloride content, purity, high efficiency, and crop solubility. Its innovative solutions are also aimed at minimising the environmental impacts of the agricultural sector. Moreover, the company is a significant contributor to the economic development of Israel.


UralChem, JSC

Establishment: 2007
Headquarters: Moscow, Russia


UralChem is a prominent exporter and producer of potash, nitrogen, and other complex fertilisers. Its services and products are utilised by farmers to improve their efficiency, make informed decisions, and boost the sustainability of agricultural applications. Its facilities produce more than 3 million tonnes of ammonium nitrate, 3 million tonnes of ammonia, 1 million tonnes of phosphate and compound fertilisers, as well as 1.2 million tonnes of urea per year.


Yara International ASA

Establishment: 1905
Headquarters: Oslo, Norway


Yara International ASA is one of the leading crop solutions and agricultural and environment solutions providers across the globe. It has operations in more than 60 countries. Through collaboration with growers, it develops solutions to address food shortages and improve the sustainability of the food value chain. By leveraging innovative technologies, the company aims to reduce carbon emissions, promote biodiversity, and drive the shift towards sustainability.


Ako Kasei Co., Ltd.

Establishment: 1971
Headquarters: Hyogo, Japan


Ako Kasei is a specialty manufacturing company that is engaged in manufacturing various chemicals. Through marine science advancements, the company aims to manufacture health-oriented products, innovative salt, and salt-based seasonings, coagulants for tofu, and inorganic salts for industrial applications. Through the development of innovative products, the company aims to positively contribute to society.


Shanxi Jiaocheng Tianlong Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.

Establishment: 1984
Headquarters: Shanxi, China


Shanxi Jiaocheng Tianlong is a chemical company that is engaged in the research and production of industrial chemical raw materials and agricultural fertilisers. Its product portfolio includes calcium nitrate, sodium nitrate, calcium ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, ammonium chloride, barium chloride, and magnesium nitrate, among others. The company aims to develop high-quality products that meet the diverse demands of customers.


Van Iperen B.V.

Establishment: 1921
Headquarters: Westmass, Netherlands


Van Iperen is a company that is engaged in the manufacturing of biostimulants and specialty fertilisers for use in fertigation and foliar applications. It aims to boost the development of plant nutrition solutions for enhancing the sustainability of conventional agriculture. The company collaborates with various local operators and partners to offer its services in over 100 countries. Through its specialisation in high-tech broadacre crops and horticulture, the company is focused to develop new solutions.


ProChem, Inc.

Establishment: 1986
Headquarters: Illinois, United States


ProChem Inc. manufactures customised precursors and high-purity inorganic compounds for use in advanced materials. The company’s inorganic, unique rare earth, and organometallic compounds are used in several applications like lasers, biomedical technologies, computer chip technology, and alternative energy, among others. It also offers customised manufacturing of various materials as well as tolling and blending services.


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