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Top 4 Companies with an Established Presence in the Global Chicory Root Fibre Market

Top Chicory Root Fibre Companies


Cargill Incorporated, Royal Cosun Group, Beneo GmbH, Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co., Ltd among others, are the major players in the global chicory root fibre market.


The global chicory root fibre market is being aided by the global chicory market growth, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is being driven by the growing prevalence of digestive issues among the rising geriatric population.


With the growing trend of health and wellness and the surging incidences of digestive issues, the increasing demand for fibre-rich food is propelling the market for chicory root fibre. In addition, chicory root fibre is associated with various health benefits; it promotes healthy digestion, supports weight loss, aids diabetes management and prevention, improves brain function, and prevents cancer growth, among others. The growing awareness regarding the prebiotic benefits of chicory root fibre is boosting its use to optimise nutritional absorption and improve immune health. The fibre is also known to improve bowel function and reduce constipation among all groups.


Chicory root fibre is rich in inulin, due to which it utilised as a substitute for sugar and dietary fat in various functional and processed food. Moreover, the addition of chicory root fibre can increase the fibre content of products without impacting their texture and flavour. Hence, several key players in the market are increasingly expanding their production capabilities to meet the surging demand for chicory root fibre in plant-based supplements and food.


In March 2022, Sensus announced the expansion of production capabilities of chicory root fibre to support the growing demand for prebiotic ingredients. The company also aims to develop innovative tools for boosting the sustainable cultivation of chicory and achieving a carbon-neutral footprint.


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Top 4 Chicory Root Fibre Companies Across the Globe:

Cargill Incorporated

Establishment: 1865
Headquarters: Minnesota, United States


Cargill Incorporated is a leading food company that is involved in the purchase and distribution of transportation solutions, agricultural commodities, and the manufacturing of steel. Through its advanced research and development facilities, the company aims to develop new and innovative solutions with reduced costs. In November 2022, the company signed an MoU with CARE International, for the ‘She Thrives’ program that aims to promote sustainable agriculture in Dak Lak, Vietnam.


Royal Cosun Group

Establishment: 1899
Headquarters: Breda, Netherlands


Royal Cosun Group is a prominent agricultural company that manufactures high-quality plant-based products. Its products, including biobased ingredients, green energy, and animal feed, are aimed at mitigating the impact of climate change while bolstering sustainable development. It also delivers bio-based and green solutions for renewable energy and non-food applications.


Beneo GmbH

Establishment: 2007
Headquarters: Mannheim, Germany


Beneo is a company that is engaged in the development and production of functional ingredients for feed, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Its products are sold and marketed in more than 80 countries. The company aims to improve the technical and nutritious properties of various products. Its products and ingredients are utilised in various food and beverage applications. In April 2022, the company invested EUR 50 million investment in its Offstein pulse processing site for strengthening its plant-based portfolio.


Xi'an Rainbow Biotech Co., Ltd

Establishment: 2013
Headquarters: Shaanxi, China


Xi’an Rainbow Biotech is a company that is focused on natural plant extracts, pharmaceutical raw materials, Chinese herbal medicine raw powders, and natural dehydrated plants, among others. It focuses on the separation, purification, and production of natural alkaloids. By leveraging science and technology, the company relies on natural drug storeroom resources.


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