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Top 6 Companies Leading the Global Dimethyl Ether Market

top dimethyl ether companies


Topsoe A/S, Mitsubishi Corporation, Grillo-Werke AG, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Korea Gas Corporation, Nouryon, among others, are leading players in the global dimethyl ether market.


The global dimethyl ether market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.8% during the period 2022-2027. North America, Europe and Asia are likely to be key markets.


Dimethyl ether is usually employed as fuel, solvent, refrigerant and aerosol propellant; it is widely used in the chemical industry. Dimethyl ether has been commonly used as an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic aerosol propellant, and to mix with propane. It can be manufactured domestically from different feedstocks, such as food waste, dairy biogas, and industrial process waste streams. Further, multiple applications and increasing focus on decarbonisation of transportation are likely to push market growth. North America, Europe and Asia are likely to be key markets.


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Top 6 Companies in the Global Dimethyl Ether Market

Topsoe A/S

Headquarters: Lyngby, Denmark
Establishment: 1940


Topsoe seeks to be known as an international leader in carbon emission reduction technologies. A major player in catalysts, electrolyzers, and technology, the company is involved in devising solutions to decarbonize sectors like cement, steel, shipping, chemicals, and aviation. Solutions offered by the company include fuels, renewable energy carriers, and chemicals of the future (like green ammonia, green hydrogen, and eMethanol™).


Mitsubishi Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1950


Mitsubishi Corporation is an international integrated business enterprise engaged in developing and operating businesses with its subsidiaries and offices in nearly 90 nations and areas across the world, and an international network of nearly 1,700 group companies. Mitsubishi Corporation has ten Business Groups operating across several industries, including Industrial Materials, Natural Gas, Mineral Resources, Petroleum & Chemicals Solution, Automotive & Mobility, Industrial Infrastructure, Consumer Industry, Food Industry, Power Solution and Urban Development.


Grillo-Werke AG

Headquarters: Duisburg, Germany
Establishment: 1842


Grillo-Werke AG comprises four divisions - Metal, Chemicals, Zinc Oxide, and RHEINZINK. Grillo partners for innovative, sustainable, and superior solutions and products around sulphur and zinc. Focusing on innovation, the company seeks to contribute towards a circular and sustainable economy, and a climate-neutral future. Solutions and products offered by Grillo-Werke form important elements of customers’ value chains.


Royal Dutch Shell Plc

Headquarters: London, UK
Establishment: 1907


Royal Dutch Shell Plc is an international group of petrochemical and energy companies with over 80,000 employees in over seventy nations. The company seeks to employ advanced technology and innovation to create a sustainable energy future.


Korea Gas Corporation

Headquarters: Daegu, South Korea
Establishment: 1983


Korea Gas Corporation was established with the aim of enhancing the welfare and convenience of people by providing clean natural gas. Korea Gas Corporation is engaged in constructing terminals and a gas supply pipeline network; importing LNG, regasifying it at the terminals, and supplying it steadily to domestic gas companies and power plants.



Headquarters: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Establishment: 2018


Nouryon, a global specialty chemicals company, through nearly 7,650 employees across the world, offers customers essential solutions so that they may produce everyday products like cleaning, personal care, agriculture and food, paints and coatings, pharmaceuticals, and building products. The company forges and nurtures enduring customer partnerships and operates in over eighty nations across the globe.


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