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Top 6 Companies Dominating the Global Disodium EDTA Market

top disodium edta companies


Dow Chemical Company, BASF SE, ChemSol LLC, Ava Chemicals Private Limited, and Yufeng International Co., Ltd, among others, are significant players in the global disodium EDTA market.


The global disodium EDTA market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 4.3% in the forecast period of 2023-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the growing cosmetics and personal care products industry.


The expansion of the disodium EDTA market is being fuelled by its widespread usage in cosmetics and personal care products. Disodium EDTA is primarily used to preserve goods by assisting in the prevention of rancidity and degradation and protecting aromatic components. Additionally, the inclusion of disodium EDTA to improve the cleaning performance of products cleaning performance by facilitating foaming is propelling the market.


Disodium EDTA finds utilisation as a chelating agent to prevent metal ions from accumulating on the skin, scalp, or hair. As a result, its inclusion in soaps, moisturisers, shampoos, and solutions for contact lenses is increasing. In various cosmetics and skin care products, disodium EDTA is used to prevent unwanted consistency, odour, pH, and texture changes to enhance their durability. The demand for disodium EDTA as a co-preservative in skincare formulations is further driving the market.


With the growing demand for disodium EDTA to treat calcium overload and irregular heartbeats, the market is rising significantly. The use of disodium EDTA in drinking water and feed of animals as a preservative, stabiliser, and sequestrant is significantly growing. Furthermore, the use of disodium EDTA to treat critically high blood calcium levels and to reduce serum calcium is expected to grow in the pharmaceutical sector.


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Top 5 Disodium EDTA Companies in the World

Dow Chemical Company

Headquarters: Michigan, United States
Establishment: 1897


The Dow Chemical Company is a global chemical company and a subsidiary of Dow Inc. It is one of the top three chemical manufacturers in the world. It manufactures polymers, chemicals, and agricultural goods. With 35,700 employees, the company generated net sales of USD 55 billion in 2021. Its products are manufactured in 31 countries, across 104 manufacturing sites.



Headquarters: Ludwigshafen, Germany
Establishment: 1865


BASF SE is a German multinational chemical corporation that is the world's biggest chemical manufacturer. With subsidiaries and joint ventures in 80 countries, 6 integrated production sites, and 390 smaller manufacturing sites, the company boasted of an employee base of 110,000 in 2021. BASF serves a diverse range of sectors and has clients in over 190 countries. Its sales in 2021 reached EUR 78.6 billion.


ChemSol LLC

Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Establishment: 1996


ChemSol, LLC is a major chemical producer and supplier of high-quality chemicals and specialised ingredients for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Its products also find applications in animal feeding, food processing, fertilisers, agriculture, oil and gas drilling, polymer additives, and water treatment industries. The company aims to offer the most affordable products, including phosphates, miscellaneous chemicals, and alcohols, among others, to customers.


AVA Chemicals Private Limited

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1985


AVA Chemicals (P) Ltd. is a manufacturer and exporter of fine chemicals and chelating or sequestering agents. The company’s product range includes micronutrients, DPTA, sulphates, water treatment chemicals, and citrates, among others. Its products are used in various industries, including paper, textile, laboratory reagents, and metal plating, among others. About 25% of the total manufactured products by the company are exported.


Yufeng International Co., Ltd

Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
Establishment: 1980


Yufeng International Co.first, Ltd is one of the major chemical manufacturers in China. It has three production sites in China and an office in both the United States and India. Its products are utilised in the manufacturing of coatings, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, oilfield chemicals, and personal care products. It aims to develop cost-effective, reliable, and safe chemical processes to ensure the delivery of high-quality end-use products to consumers.


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