India’s Top 9 Manufacturing Companies in the Industrial Gaskets Market

top industrial gaskets manufacturing companies in india


IGP Group, Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd, Starflex Sealing Pvt. Ltd, Crown Gaskets Pvt. Ltd, Sealmax, Champion Seals India Pvt Ltd, Inseal International Pvt. Ltd, Jay Gaskets Pvt. Ltd, and Asian Sealing Products Pvt. Ltd, among others, are the key players in the industrial gaskets market in India.


The India industrial gaskets market witnessed healthy growth in the historical period of 2018-2022. The India industrial gaskets industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% in the forecast period of 2023-2028.


The increasing demand for power due to the growing population is increasing the demand for industrial gaskets in India. Favourable laws and rules for businesses in India had added to the growth of the market. The government’s Make in India campaign has helped the Indian manufacturing sector, and many global giants set up their manufacturing plants in India.  The Indian government is taking a number of steps to foster a healthy environment for the country's manufacturing industry, which is expected to improve the India industrial gaskets market.


The market is expanding due to a number of factors, including the rising demand from oil and gas production-related facilities in GCC nations, widespread use of industrial gaskets in a variety of end-use industries, rising PTFE gasket consumption, and strict leakage regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency to safeguard the environment. The COVID-19 pandemic, which significantly interrupted the value chain, had a negative impact on market growth in 2020. Due to government actions targeted at restoring the economy, the market may progressively recover throughout the forecast period.


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Top 9 India Industrial Gaskets Companies:

IGP Group

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment: 1955


IGP, a leader in manufacturing and exporting industrial gaskets of various varieties, including spiral wounds, ring joints, insulation gasket kits, and monolithic insulation joints, is a pioneer in sealing technology. The business was founded in 1955, has more than 60 years of expertise in the sector, and is constantly developing and modernising.


Goodrich Gasket Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment: 1987


Goodrich Gasket has its reach in over 50 countries, serving more than 3000 customers. These customers are from various sectors, including petroleum refineries, EPCs, and oil and gas end users. The company has a workforce of over 250 people, working hard to meet the demands and expectations of their ever-growing customer base. Its products are widely utilised in industries such petrochemicals, pipeline, oil and gas processing, offshore constructions, ports, metallurgy, fertilisers, electricity, valve, wellhead equipment, waste water treatment, heat exchangers, and pressure vessels.


Starflex Sealing India Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Verna, Goa
Establishment: 1998


Starflex Sealing India started off as Flexitallic India Pvt. Ltd. As the years went by, the company renamed itself and expanded its manufacturing plant to 55,000 square feet. It provides to several industries such as nuclear, petrochemical, chemical, power, and pharmaceutical. Starflex provides gaskets all over Asia and Europe.


Crown Gaskets Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Bahadurgarh, Haryana
Establishment: 1968


Crown Gaskets is a leading producer of automotive and industrial gaskets. It specialises in gaskets for commercial vehicles, transmission vehicles, and passenger automobile segments. Over 2000 complete/overhaul gasket sets have been catered to by the business. An established supplier to many regions of the world, including America, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Middle East (UAE), Europe, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, and Ghana, Crown Gaskets is a well-known company in the export replacement/aftermarket market.



Headquarters: Vasai-Virar, Maharashtra,
Establishment: 2014


Sealmax provides customised solutions as per the industry demands, or as per the customers’ request. It provides complete sealing solutions for all types of industries worldwide. Sealmax produces both standard sealing products and solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of a given industry. To ensure effectiveness, safety, and economy, sealants are precisely developed to satisfy component design, operational needs, and material criteria.


Champion Seals India Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1959


Champion Seals was the first company to set up a factory with German technology and machinery post-independence. The company guarantees the highest quality products and services. Mechanical gland packing, flange gasket material, heat insulation, and teflon sealing goods are among the things it produces. Through intense quality management efforts, the company produces high-quality compressed asbestos, asbestos-free jointing sheets, and metallic spiral wound gaskets for a variety of sectors in local and foreign markets.


Inseal International Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 2012


Inseal International is a prominent trader and exporter of hydraulic gaskets, industrial gaskets, and rubber gaskets. The company aims to be the top manufacturer and exporter of such products in the domestic and international markets. Industries such as automobiles and refining are frequent customers of this company.


Jay Gaskets Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra
Establishment: 1991


Jay Gaskets has been in business for almost three decades now, manufacturing and exporting a wide range of gaskets over the years. The company provides gaskets as per client specifications, to serve a number of sectors such as the petrochemical and refining sectors. The business manufactures teflon gaskets, rubber gaskets, metal jacketed gaskets, spiral wrapped gaskets, ring joint gaskets, and CAF gaskets in India. 


Asian Sealing Products Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Chennai, Tamil Nadu
Establishment: 2009


Asian Sealing Products provides mainly to the oil and gas industry across the world. As a result, it is one of the most preferred gasket providers across multiple countries. The company is the leading manufacturer, and exporter of standard and non-standard ring type joint gasket (RTJ) as per API 6A (R, RX, and BX type) and 17D (SBX) and ASME B16.20 in all fast moving and rare materials, RTJ with PTFE insert, RTJ with PTFE coating, RTJ blind gaskets, and many more.


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