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Top 6 Companies Leading the Global Laser Technology Market

top laser technology companies


Corning Incorporated, Coherent, Inc., IPG Photonics Corporation, 600 Group PLC, Jenoptik AG, and Lumibird, among others, are key players in the global laser technology market.


The global laser technology market would likely grow at a CAGR of 8.6% during 2022-2027. Many products used every day have laser as a key element. For example, products such as Blu-Ray and DVD players use laser technology to read data from disks. Bar code scanners depend on lasers for processing information. In surgical procedures like LASIK, laser is used. Lasers have important applications in manufacturing, including engraving, cutting, drilling and marking. Applications of laser technology include Laser Range Finding, Information Processing (DVDs and Blu-Ray), Bar Code Readers, Laser Surgery, Holographic Imaging, Laser Spectroscopy, and Laser Material Processing (Engraving, Cutting, Marking, Drilling, Surface Modification). Asia, North America and Europe are likely to be significant markets. 


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Top 6 Companies in the Global Laser Technology Market

Corning Incorporated

Headquarters: Corning, New York
Establishment: 1851


Corning Incorporated specializes in display technologies, environmental technologies, telecommunications, and life sciences and specialty materials. It is an international technology-based company engaged in the production of optical fibre, cable, and photonic elements for the telecommunications industry; it also produces funnels, glass panels, projection video lens assemblies, and liquid crystal display glass for the information display industry.


Coherent, Inc.

Headquarters: Santa Clara, California
Establishment: 1966


Coherent, Inc. is engaged in the development and production of laser equipment and associated solutions. 


IPG Photonics Corporation

Headquarters: Oxford, Massachusetts, United States
Establishment: 1990


IPG Photonics Corporation is a key player in the field of high-power fibre lasers, fibre amplifiers, hybrid fibre/solid-state lasers and diode lasers used in a variety of markets including advanced technologies, materials processing, telecommunications & medical applications. The company produces fibre lasers functioning at 0.5 – 5 microns. The company’s 1um and 1.5um fibre lasers and amplifiers are popular in single-frequency and linearly-polarized variants. The newly developed 2-5 microns mid-IR lasers provide economical solutions for spectroscopy, sensing, material processing & medical applications.


600 Group PLC

Headquarters: Orlando, Florida
Establishment: 1924


600 Group PLC is a renowned, diversified engineering group engaged in the production and distribution of industrial laser systems.


Jenoptik AG

Headquarters: Jena, Thuringia, Germany
Establishment: 1991


Jenoptik AG specializes in microoptics, photonics, life sciences, optoelectronics, diagnostics, healthcare, automation, digital imaging, metrology, lasers, laser processing, smart manufacturing, civil security, road traffic safety, ANPR/ALPR, road user charging, toll enforcement, defence & security, average speed control, and aviation & aerospace. The company provides lasers, optical systems, and material processing; it also offers industrial metrology, traffic solutions, and defence and civil systems services.



Headquarters: Lannion, Bretagne
Establishment: 2018


Lumibird is a key player in the field of lasers. Its key technologies include solid-state lasers, laser diodes and fibre lasers. It designs, produces and markets high-performance lasers for scientific (universities and laboratories), industrial (lidar sensors, manufacturing), medical (ophthalmology) and defence markets.


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