Top 7 Companies Revolutionising the Dynamics of the Global Merino Wool Market

top merino wool companies

Südwolle Group, Brown Sheep Company, Inc., Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, Europa Wools Ltd., Xinao textiles inc., Yünsa A.S., and Laxtons Limited among others, are the major players in the global merino wool market.


The global merino wool market is expected to grow at a healthy rate in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is being driven by the growing demand for merino wool in the clothing industry.


Merino wool is considered the finest type of wool, due to which it is extensively used in the clothing industry. The excellent insulating, moisture resistant, and anti-static properties offered by merino wool are surging its demand. With the growing preference for comfortable clothes that do not irritate the skin, the demand for merino wool is significantly increasing. 


Merino wool resists bacteria, odour, and stains, which makes it easy to wash than other synthetic materials. As the wool can retain its shape after washing and stretching, it is used in the production of clothing for physical activities like skiing and running, among others. The rising environmental-consciousness in the fashion industry, especially among the Gen-Z and millennial population, is expected to surge the demand for merino wool in the forecast period.


Leading companies in the market are increasingly devising innovative approaches to enhance consumer awareness regarding the benefits of merino wool. Such initiatives are also educating customers about the diverse range of products made from merino wool.  Moreover, with the rising trend of sustainability, various high-end fashion brands are increasingly utilising merino wool in their winterwear collection owing to its biodegradability and renewability benefits. For instance, in October 2021, Victoria Beckham, the British fashion brand, collaborated with The Woolmark Company for designing a traceable knitwear collection that is made from merino wool and natural dyes. 


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Top 7 Merino Wool Companies in the World:

Südwolle Group

Headquarters: Nuremberg, Germany
Establishment: 1966


Sudwolle Group is a company that manufactures high-quality and high-performance yarns from wool. Its products and solutions are utilised in various end-uses such as sports shorts, fashion pullovers, hosiery, outdoor jackets, protective clothing, and automotive and plane seats, among others. The company has production facilities spanning across Bulgaria, Italy, Germany, China, Poland, as well as Vietnam. 


Brown Sheep Company, Inc.

Headquarters: Nebraska, United States
Establishment: 1980


Brown Sheep Company is a company that is engaged in the manufacturing of high-quality yarns. Its products are widely used by crafters, knitters, and crocheters across the United States. It supports the wool growers sector in the United States by purchasing the majority of its wool from Wyoming and Colorado. Through its research and development activities, the company aims to develop, innovate, and adapt new-generation products.


Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited

Headquarters: Bangkok, Thailand
Establishment: 1994


Indorama Ventures is a prominent sustainable chemical company that offers fibres and PET. It offers its services and solutions to customers in various end use sectors. It has a wide presence in 35 countries, with 147 manufacturing facilities across the globe. Some of the products offered by the company include PET polymer, polyamide, polyester tyre fabrics, and purified ethylene oxide, among others. In October 2022, the company collaborated with Toyota to manufacture high-performance nylon yarn for use in automobile airbags.


Europa Wools Ltd.

Headquarters: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom 
Establishment: 1988


Europa Wools Limited is one of the most prominent manufacturers in the wool industry. Its products are supplied to manufacturers around the world, including spinners of knitting, upholstery, weaving, and carpet yarns, homeware manufacturers, and felt-makers. It supplies more than 1 million kilograms of textile raw materials to wool trade per year, which makes the company one of the most significant stockists in the United Kingdom.


Xinao Textiles Inc.

Headquarters: Zhejiang, China
Establishment: 1991


Xinao Textiles Inc. is a company that is engaged in the production, research and development, and sales of intermediate product wool traps and wool worsted yarn. Its knitting raw materials are used by leading downstream clothing brands. It manufactures 8,800 tonnes of wool tops and 12,000 tonnes of modified wool tops per year.


Yünsa A.S.

Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
Establishment: 1973


Yunsa A.S. is a leading worsted wool manufacturer and exporter in the world and one of the most prominent integrated wool fabric producers in Europe. It also supplies its materials to prominent fashion brands. It produces 4,500 tonnes of yarn per year. Its products are developed with new generation technologies, and have finishing features like UV protection, water repellent, natural stretching, and self-cleaning, among others.


Laxtons Limited

Headquarters: West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1907


Laxtons Limited is a prominent manufacturer of fancy yarns and worsted spun. Its premium yarn products are customised in accordance with customers’ requirements, and it promotes traceability and quality. Its products are also aimed to reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuels and fast fashion. The company extensively invests in expanding its manufacturing capabilities and increasing the production of different types of yarns.


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