Top 7 Companies in the Global Physical Security Services Market

Physical Security Services Market


Securitas AB, Garda World Security Corporation, Brinks Security Services Limited, Agile Security Force, Securiguard Services Ltd., Allied Universal Security Services, and The Brink’s Company, among others, are the major players in global physical security services market. 


The global physical security services market reached a value of about USD 357.30 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6% in the forecast period of 2024-2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the increase in crime rates, social unrest within countries, and rising terrorism.


Physical security services safeguard resources, facilities, and equipment from unauthorised access, ensuring the protection of personnel, information, and property from various threats like espionage, vandalism, and theft. These services encompass manned guarding, electronic surveillance, access control, alarm systems, and fire safety measures. By defending against natural disasters, burglary, terrorism, and other risks, physical security employs a combination of systems including intrusion detection, CCTV surveillance, and security personnel. It's crucial for industries like transportation, retail, IT, telecommunications, and BFSI to maintain trust and confidence by preventing security breaches and unauthorised access.


Most Surveilled Cities*, Cameras per 1000 Person


Increasing crime rates, social unrest, and terrorism are fuelling the demand for physical security services worldwide. Heightened social insecurity is prompting buyers to take proactive measures to secure their premises, thereby boosting the global physical security services market growth. Technological enhancements, such as Bluetooth-enabled access control and 360-degree view capabilities in security devices like access control and CCTVs, are further contributing to the market's growth. These advancements are expected to elevate the value of the market in the foreseeable future.


Growth of Internet of Things: Connected Devices Billion (2018-2023)


The growth of the physical security services market is being driven by the expanding digital transformation efforts aimed at predicting and mitigating threats more effectively. Providers in this sector are increasingly embracing a variety of technologies to boost their operational efficiency and cut down on costs. With the widespread uptake of the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud connectivity, these services can analyse data to provide valuable insights, thus improving operational decision-making.


In August 2022, ADT partnered with Uber to integrate ADT's mobile safety solutions into the Uber app for riders and drivers in the United States. Users in the United States received live help from ADT professional monitoring agents via phone or text. Uber joined several enterprise customers using Safe by ADT to enhance their app-based safety features. The platform seamlessly integrated with service providers, ensuring millions of gig economy workers and patrons had access to emergency services and reassurance, supported by ADT's 24/7 professional monitoring.


Top 7 Physical Security Services Companies in the World:

Securitas AB

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Establishment: 1934


Securitas, a leading safety and security solutions provider, serves diverse industries with innovative protective services. While manned guarding remains essential, Securitas continuously evolves its offerings, integrating advanced technology. With nearly nine decades of experience and 350,000 employees across 47 markets, Securitas ensures the safety of people and assets. Operating in three main segments, Securitas North America, Europe, and Ibero-America, with additional operations globally, Securitas offers a comprehensive portfolio including on-site and mobile guarding, aviation security, and fire safety services, tailored to clients' needs.


Garda World Security Corporation

Headquarters: Quebec, Canada
Establishment: 1995


GardaWorld, the world's largest privately-owned security services firm, specialises in cash services, physical and specialised security solutions, and international security information dissemination through its Crisis24 portal. With over 132,000 skilled professionals, GardaWorld emphasises integrity, vigilance, trust, and respect in its service delivery. Renowned for its entrepreneurial spirit, GardaWorld partners with leading brands, Fortune 500 companies, and governments to provide tailored security and technology solutions. With a diverse portfolio of high-growth businesses, GardaWorld maintains operational agility and strong governance across its markets.


Brinks Security Services Limited

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1859


Established in 1859, Brink’s, Incorporated is a global leader in secure solutions, offering transportation and storage services for high-value goods, currency processing, smart safes, ATM services, and security technology. With over 59,900 employees and a presence in 100+ countries, Brink’s provides unmatched security and efficiency across the logistics lifecycle. Since its modest beginnings in 1999, Brink’s has expanded nationwide in the United States, has a workforce of over 3000 personnel and accreditation from industry associations like KSIA, FKE, and ACISMP, along with ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Agile Security Force

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India
Establishment: 1994


Agile, led by Dr. V R K Rao, is a top-ranked, trusted company with over 18,000 employees. Recognised as India's best service provider by TCEI, the company offers versatile staff delivering exceptional services. Agile Security™ Force Pvt. Ltd. holds ISO certifications and operates nationwide, offering advanced, cost-effective solutions. The rigorous recruitment and training ensure skilled personnel, while the supervision and monitoring systems guarantee service excellence. The company prioritises bridging the gap between customer expectations and service delivery to provide peace of mind to the clients.


Securiguard Services Ltd.

Headquarters: Burnaby, Canada
Establishment: 1974


Established in 1974, Securiguard Services Limited has been a trusted name in security and safety solutions across Canada for nearly five decades. With a workforce of over 4,000 highly trained professionals, the company serves clients in various industries nationwide in Canada, including Corporate, Retail, Aviation, and Government sectors. The innovative approach and expertise in deploying security personnel have made them a leader in the field. From major urban centres to remote locations, Securiguard ensures safety and protection through a comprehensive range of services, making communities feel secure.


Allied Universal Security Services

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1957


Allied Universal®, a leading security and facility services provider, offers proactive security solutions and innovative smart technology tailored to clients' needs. With a strong local presence across North America and a global workforce of around 800,000, the company specialises in various sectors like education, healthcare, retail, and government. The mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of customers and communities globally. Operating under the Allied Universal brand in North America and the G4S brand internationally, they are dedicated to serving and protecting people in today's dynamic world.


The Brink’s Company

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1859


The Brink’s Company (NYSE:BCO) is a global leader in cash and valuables management, digital retail solutions, and ATM services, serving clients across various sectors globally. Established in 1859, Brink’s employs over 59,900 individuals and operates in 52 countries, with a vast network of 1,100 facilities and 12,000 vehicles. With a presence in more than 100 countries, Brink’s provides secure solutions and advanced technology, ensuring enhanced protection and improved productivity for its diverse clientele.


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