Top 4 Companies Ruling the Global Rheometer Market

top rheometer companies


Anton Paar GmbH, Fann Instrument Company, Biolin Scientific AB, and TA Instruments, among others, are significant players in the global market for rheometer.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global rheometer market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027, driven by the increased utilisation of polymers.


A rheometer is a device that measures the suspension of a liquid or how the liquid flows in the presence of external forces. Some fluids require additional parameters to be set and monitored in addition to using a viscometer, due to which a flow measurement device such as a rheometer is used.


The device monitors rheology and especially measures forces like shear. Additionally, it measures the flow of liquid at various pressures. Polymers will likely contribute substantially to the development of the rheometer market. Rapid industrialisation and growth in demand further demonstrate that different polymers have very difficult-to-measure viscosity values.


Furthermore, the increasing knowledge about the advantages of capillary rheometers is anticipated to boost sales. A capillary rheometer supports a broad range of applications, including data for extrudate swell, extensional viscosity, and thermal stability, becoming a customer favourite. Rapid technical developments and new product releases by manufacturers will likely lead to the growth of the global rheometer market.


A new lineup of high-performance rheometers, led by the Hybrid Rheometer HR 30, was introduced by TA Instruments in March 2020. This new trio of high-performance rheometers provides class-leading flexibility in a platform that makes accurate rheological data collecting easier for users of all experience levels and is five times more sensitive than previous models. To expand access to the Discovery Hybrid Rheometer's capabilities, TA Instruments is offering new software improvements that will benefit users of all levels of experience.


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Top 4 Global Rheometer Companies:

Anton Paar GmbH

Headquarters: Graz, Austria
Establishment: 1922


Anton Paar GmbH is a Graz-based Austrian business that develops, manufactures, and distributes laboratory and analytical equipment. Additionally, it offers solutions for automation and robotics. The business is a leader in the manufacture of instruments for density, concentration, dissolved carbon dioxide measurements, and the areas of rheometry and material characterisation.


Fann Instrument Company

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1938


Fann Instrument Company develops and produces instruments for measurement of the physical and chemical characteristics of fluids, focusing on flow and viscosity measurement. Their product range includes the broadest selection of equipment, accessories, test kits, and portable labs for evaluating drilling fluids, completion fluids, fracturing fluids, oilfield cement, and industrial slurries. Additionally, it provides reagents, supplies, and replacement components through a global distribution network.


Biolin Scientific AB

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Establishment: 2010


Biolin Scientific is the world's leading supplier of scientific equipment. Their tools include high-tech precision devices used in surface, material, and bioscience research. Their product range is divided into three distinct product lines: QSense - instruments for the quantitative analysis of surfaces and molecular interactions, Attention – tensiometry equipment for the study of interfaces and creating new materials, and KSV NIMA - thin-film manufacturing and characterisation instruments.


TA Instruments

Headquarters: Delaware, United States
Establishment: 1990


TA Equipment manufactures state-of-the-art material characterisation instruments that are extensively utilised in research, analysis, and quality control to assess physical characteristics. They are a market leader in thermal analysis, rheology, and microcalorimetry equipment. Its product lines have extended to encompass thermal conductivity and diffusivity, dilatometry, rubber testing, and dynamic mechanical characterisation.


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