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Top 5 Companies Equipping the Global Sports Medicine Market

top sports medicine companies


Smith & Nephew, Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc, Stryker Corporation, RTI Surgical Holdings, Inc., and Breg, Inc., among others, are the major players in the global sports medicine market.


The global sports medicine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 5.8 % in the forecast period of 2022-2027 to reach a value of around USD 9.2 billion by 2026. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the rising consumer awareness about sports medicine.


The market for sports medicine is positively driven by the growing cases of sports injuries, advancements in research and technology, and rising government spending to develop new facilities and infrastructure for sports. Furthermore, the increasing number of sporting events and growing awareness on prevention of injuries is aiding the sports medicine market in the regions of North America and Asia Pacific.


The major players in the global sports medicine market include Wright Medical Group N.V., Smith & Nephew (LON: SN), and Stryker Corporation (NYSE: SYK). Smith & Nephew, in 2021, launched a new fluid management and 4K surgical imaging technology for sports medicine surgeons for treating various forms of sports injuries. The new devices will expand their presence in the sports medicine market. In 2020, Stryker Corporation completed the acquisition of Wright Medical Group N.V. for USD 4 billion to enhance its operations in extremities and biologics, thereby boosting the global sports medicine market.


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Top 5 Companies in the World:

Smith & Nephew

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1856


Smith & Nephew is a United Kingdom-based multinational company that focuses on the development, manufacture, and sales of various types of medical equipment. The company manufactures advanced products for wound management, orthopaedic reconstruction products, arthroscopy products, and trauma and clinical therapy products. It operates in over 100 countries.


Stryker Corporation

Headquarters: Michigan, United States of America
Establishment: 1941


Stryker Corporation is a global multinational based out of the United States, and w renowned leader in medical technology. The company provides neurotechnology and specialised technologies for spine, orthopaedics, medical and surgical specialities for various healthcare and hospital end-users. With a robust research and development department, it has registered over 8,883 patents. Stryker products are sold across 100 countries worldwide and the company has a workforce of over 40,000 people.


Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc

Headquarters: Wisconsin, United States of America
Establishment: 1959


Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc is an American company that designs, manufacturers and markets supports, braces, tapes, gums, and taping supplies. The company offers therapy and foot care products, analgesics, mouth guards, grip enhancers, sports accessories, and tapes and wraps for various sports such as basketball, rugby, football, golf, tennis, and many others. It sells products through its website in the United States and Canada.


RTI Surgical Holdings, Inc.

Headquarters: Florida, United States
Establishment: 1998


RTI Surgical Holdings, Inc is a United States-based medical company that provides sports medicine, dental treatment, plastic and reconstructive surgery, and trauma, spine, and urology treatments. The company has four manufacturing facilities in Europe and the United States and serves OEM partners with tissue, biologics, and hardware expertise. RTI Surgical Holdings, Inc also operates in plastic and reconstructive surgery, surgical instruments, conventional and structural allografts, cable and plate systems, and fixation and retractor systems.


Breg, Inc.,

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1989


Breg, Inc. is an American manufacturer of sports medicine products. The company offers hip, knee, elbow, spine, and ankle braces, along with crutches, canes, walkers, and home therapy kits in more than 59 countries worldwide. It is the second-largest provider of orthopaedic bracing in the United States and partners with more than 2,500 clinics and 6,000 orthopaedic surgeons. Breg, Inc has about 1,200 employees in the United States and Canada.


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