Top 6 Companies Leading the Global Tax Management Software Market

top tax management software companies


Avalara, Inc., CrowdReason, LLC, Paychex Inc., Drake Software, Sovos Compliance, LLC, and TPS Unlimited, Inc. (TaxJar), among others, are leading players in the global tax management software market. Other significant players include Blucora, Inc., Wolters Kluwer N.V., Thomson Reuters Holdings Inc., ADP, Inc., and Others.


The global tax management software market would likely grow at a CAGR of 10.5% during 2022-2027. Asia, North America and Europe are likely to be key markets.


Automated tax management software solutions help spare time, money and personnel, which could be employed in other, more productive processes. Every industry and business has distinct needs. Modern solutions offer several features and functions to meet such needs, including Automated Data Entry, International Tax Support, Consistency, and Easily Readable Records, among others. 


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Top 6 Companies in the Global Tax Management Software Market

Avalara, Inc.

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington
Establishment: 2004


Avalara, Inc. is engaged in building cloud-based tax compliance solutions. The company works with businesses of all sizes across the globe and helps them calculate tax precisely, quickly, and automatically. Specialties include sales tax compliance, sales tax automation, exemption certificate management, tax return filing services, and e-commerce integrations


CrowdReason, LLC

Headquarters: CARROLLTON, TX
Establishment: 2014


CrowdReason, LLC is engaged in designing, building and deploying property tax software solutions. CrowdReason is a financial technology services company that focuses on innovating and maintaining high-value automation solutions. Solutions offered by the company leverage virtualized labour, robotic process automation, blockchain technologies, and machine learning. Specialties include Innovation, Funding, Crowdfunding, Operations, Consulting, Crowdsourcing, property tax, Management Consulting, property tax management, property tax software, machine learning, blockchain.


Paychex Inc.

Headquarters: Rochester, NY
Establishment: 1971 


Paychex Inc. aims to simplify intricate HR, payroll, and benefits. It provides integrated human capital management solutions for benefits, payroll, insurance, and human resources. The company enables small- and medium-sized business owners to concentrate on business growth and management. Specialties include 


Payroll Tax Services, Payroll Services, Retirement Services, Benefits Administration, Time and Labour, Human Resources, Group Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Business Insurance, Individual Insurance, PEO, HR, HR Technology, ASO, and HR Outsourcing


Drake Software

Headquarters: Franklin, Western North Carolina
Establishment: 1977


Drake Software offers software solutions to more than 65,000 tax and accounting firms. The company is renowned for excellence in value, quality, and reliability. Being committed to innovation and customer success, the company has continually expanded product offerings, integrations, and customer-service efforts.


Sovos Compliance, LLC

Headquarters: Wilmington, MA
Establishment: 2015 


Sovos Compliance, LLC offers solutions that fulfil customers’ tax and regulatory compliance needs. Specialties include Sales and Use Tax Automation, Tax Information Reporting, VAT Reporting Software and Services, 1099 Reporting, FATCA Compliance Solutions, Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reporting Solutions, SAF-T, e-invoicing, Spain SII, CRS, Excise Tax, e-receipts, Fiscal Reporting, AEOI, insurance premium tax, electronic invoicing, esignature, IPT, sales tax, eArchiving, Use Tax, VAT, and Exemption Certificate Management


TPS Unlimited, Inc. (TaxJar)

Headquarters: Boston, MA
Establishment: 2013


Stripe acquired TaxJar in 2021 after TaxJar grew to more than 25000 customers. New customers could mange sales tax compliances through Stripe Tax. Existing TaxJar customers could continue to use the TaxJar platform.


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