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4 Leading Companies Offering Valeric Acid for a Wide Range of Applications

top valeric acid companies


Dow Chemical Company, Perstorp Group, Otto Chemie Pvt. Ltd., and Yufeng International Co., Ltd., among others are the key players in the global valeric acid market.


The global valeric acid market is being driven by the growth of the global cosmetics market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.3% in the forecast period of 2022-2027.


Valeric acid is a transparent and oily fluid, with a very unpleasant smell. It is highly corrosive in nature and is used to make ingredients for various cosmetics and perfumes. The esters of valeric acid have a fruity smell and are used as food additives. It is also used to make agricultural chemicals. These factors are expected to boost the valeric acid market.


The Asia Pacific region represents a large share of the valeric acid market. North America is also expected to have a major share in this market. This can be attributed to the constant food and cosmetics demand. Europe has witnessed a slight increase in the demand for valeric acid in recent years. Furthermore, in recent years, Europe has seen an upsurge in the demand for valeric acid. The intake of valeric acid has also increased in the laboratory, research, and development activity. The producers are concentrating on expanding the product's application regions and recognising its use in other specialised applications. In terms of volume consumption, regions such as the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America, are likely to have minor roles.


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Top 4 Global Valeric Acid Companies:

Dow Chemical Company

Headquarters: Midland, Michigan, United States
Establishment: 1897


Dow is a leading chemical manufacturing company. It provides products to various markets, including agriculture, cosmetics, automotive, electronics, food, and healthcare. The company offers valeric acid to Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. It provides the acid in drums and transports it via tank trucks. The company’s portfolio of plastics, industrial intermediates, coatings, and silicones businesses delivers a broad range of differentiated science-based products and solutions for its customers in high-growth market segments, such as packaging, infrastructure, mobility, and consumer care. We operate 106 manufacturing sites in 31 countries and employ approximately 35,700 people.


Perstorp Group

Headquarters: Malmö, Denmark
Establishment: 1881


Perstorp is a leading speciality chemicals innovator. The company provides products for animal nutrition, plastic materials, resins, coatings, lubricants, and many more. Perstorp provides three grades of valeric acid- standard valeric acid, high purity valeric acid pure, and partly renewable valeric acid pro. Valeric acid pro is a pioneer in the market as it is the world’s first partly renewable oxo product.


Otto Chemie Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Establishment: 2006


Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd is a provider of fine chemicals, solvents, crystal optics and nanotechnology products that support unique applications in the chemical industry. The company also provides custom synthesis to meet the needs of its customers, be it a laboratory scale-up, bulk scale-up, or post bulk stages. Its product list consists of more than 7900 items. It provides 99% valeric acid, packaged in bottles and drums.


Yufeng International Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Wuxi, China
Establishment: 1975


Yufeng International Co., Ltd has a wide range of products to serve its worldwide chemical partners. The company’s production covers pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, petrochemicals, water treatment chemicals, and fine chemicals. It provides a minimum of 99.5% pure valeric acid, with about a maximum of 0.2% water in it. Yufeng cooperates with over 15 countries’ customers from India, America, European Union, and Brazil.

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