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INOVYN Unveils World’s First Commercial Grade of Bio-Attributed PVC.

INOVYN Unveils World’s First Commercial Grade of Bio-Attributed PVC


In October 2019, INOVYN unveiled its latest generation of PVC under the brand name BIOVYN, becoming the world’s first commercial producer of bio-attributed PVC utilising a supply chain fully certified by The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB), which is the world’s most valued and peer-reviewed standard for the sustainable bio-based and circular economy.

The company has started BIOVYN production at its plant in Rheinberg, Germany, where it is made using bio-attributed ethylene, which is a renewable feedstock derived from biomass and does not compete with the food chain.

It has been certified by RSB that BIOVYN’s production involves a 100% substitution of fossil feedstock, which reduces the greenhouse effect by ensuring a greenhouse gas saving of over 90% in comparison to the conventionally produced PVC. By opting for an RSB-certified feedstock, the company has demonstrated its commitment to work within the emerging trends of bioeconomy, which further adds to the extremely strong sustainability credentials of BIOVYN.

The company, through its sustainability programme, has been able to develop a new generation of PVC grades to provide the rigorous product quality and at the same time fulfilling the various performance needs, whilst promoting circular, carbon-neutral economy for PVC. The innovation is being driven by the increasing global focus on the circular economy, which has resulted in an increased demand for a specialist and renewable PVC, produced using sustainable products, unlike the conventional method that uses virgin fossil feedstocks. BIOVYN™ fulfills all these demands and can even be used for high-end applications, thus, satisfying consumers.

With the innovation of BIOVYN™, the company has been able to find a substitute over virgin fossil feedstock, without compromising on the unique product qualities of PVC such as, durability, flexibility, and recyclability, which make it one of the most widely used plastics in the world. Moreover, the product offers a positive impact on the climate in the form of a 90% greenhouse gas reduction, ensuring social and environmental risk mitigation. BIOVYN™, due to its optimum quality, is expected to have several value-added applications across a wide range of industries, including highly specialised end-uses like, automotive and medical.

INOVYN, is one of the top PVC producers in the world, producing a wide range of chemicals that are used as raw materials in many industrial processes. INOVYN is a vinyl producer that ranks among the top three globally. With a turnover of over €3.5 billion, the company is operational in ten countries across Europe, having more than 4,300 employees. INOVYN’s key products and processes such as Specialty Vinyls, Organic Chlorine Derivatives, and Chlor Alkali, among others, provide great examples of effective and efficient sustainable development practices. The company strongly contributes to reducing the environmental impact through its sustainable products development, further ensuring the safety of many everyday items like, efficient tyres, safely packaged food, and disease-free agricultural crops.

Since the early stages of product development, INOVYN has been working closely with Tarkett, a worldwide leader in innovative flooring and sports surface solutions. Tarkett will source BIOVYN™ for a new flooring collection, which will be the first application of the product. Tarkett’s partnership with INOVYN is a key step in the company’s aim to shift towards a circular economy model, responding to rising climate challenges.

INOVYN, in addition to developing new bio-attributed PVC grades, plays a pivotal role in the wider VinylPlus® programme, through which it is improving PVC’s sustainability and performance. BIOVYN is an excellent example of the company’s determination towards a circular economy for PVC. It is also a significant step forward in INOVYN’s journey to sustainability and reflects its commitment to developing innovative solutions that address society’s needs.

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