Expert Market Research Explores the Top 2 Companies in the Middle Eastern Sheep Meat Market

top 2 companies in the middle eastern sheep meat market


The Middle East sheep meat market is supported by the global sheep meat market, which attained a volume of about 15619.58 CWE tons in 2020 and is further expected to grow in the forecast period of 2022-2027 at a CAGR of 1.8%. The major players include Alin meat co., Golden Meat Company Ltd., and Meat Hub, among others.


Sheep meat, comprising mainly lamb, hogget, and mutton, is the meat of a domestic sheep and has high nutritional value. It is one of the four significant categories of meat.

The Middle East market has a strong tradition of consuming lamb and sheep meat, associated with family celebrations and religious occasions. Socio-economic trends, increasing urbanisation, and growing per capita income reflect a crucial growth driver for the industry. It is the third-largest importer in the global market.


The numerous health benefits linked to sheep meat products, the rising popularity of processed food because of hectic lifestyles, and increased import of quality meat from countries such as Australia work in favour of the growth of the Middle East sheep meat market. Government investments in hosting significant world events, such as the World Cup and the World Expo, and the hotel and foodservice industries' resulting development are expected to drive industry growth. Despite the market being impeded by the COVID-19 pandemic, which led to stringent lockdowns, dropping oil prices, and lower disposable income, the government's robust response and healthcare system improvements are anticipated to boost the market growth. To enhance their immunity, people are eating more protein and vitamin-rich foods, driving up sheep meat sales and catalysing the market growth for sheep meat.


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Top 2 Middle East Sheep Meat Companies:

Alin meat co.


Establishment: 2009
Headquarters: Tehran, Iran


As a family business operating for nearly 40 years, Alin Meat Co (previously known as Aban Tejarat Vision and Aliabad) is now a major red meat distributor in the Tehran market, supplying over 200 butcheries and retail sellers. The company has proved to be a major distributor in the Iranian meat and livestock market since its establishment.


Golden Gate Meat Company


Establishment: 1977
Headquarters: San Francisco Bay Area


As a successful meat processing company with over 30 years of experience, Golden Meats Company has the proven capabilities and infrastructure in place to grow with demand. The company handcrafts authentic Brazilian-style sausages and a variety of ready-to-cook packaged meats with the most exceptional ingredients and extraordinary care. Being local, it makes authentic Brazilian-style sausages in the United States.


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