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Top 3 Companies with a Strong Presence in the Global Automotive Fender Roller Market

Top 3 Companies in the Global Automotive Fender Roller Market


Qingdao Smart Industrial Co., Ltd., The Eastwood Company, and Summit Racing Equipment (Autosales, Incorporated), among others, are the major players in the global automotive fender roller market.


The global automotive fender roller market, is projected to grow at a CAGR of about 6 % in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is anticipated to be propelled by the growth of the automotive industry globally.


The market is being positively driven by certain factors such as the soaring demand for luxury cars, increasing urbanisation, rising disposable incomes, and improving living standards. The expanding customer base in the e-commerce industry and online channels is further fuelling the market growth. Furthermore, automotive fender rollers are greatly utilised in the automotive repair industry for improving and upgrading tyres. The growth in the Asia Pacific and North American regions is aided by the rising corporate and functional vehicle fleets and rapid urbanisation.


The Eastwood Company supplies high-quality fender roller tools for increasing the clearance between the tyre and fender to eliminate tire rub and repair wheel-arc collision damages. The product is coated with a durable powder finish and uses Delrin® ball-bearing fender-former rolling tool to prevent paint finish damage for automotive and light trucks. Summit Racing Equipment (Autosales, Incorporated) sells fender rollers equipped with a ball bearing system to eliminate tyre rub and fits for 4 and 5-lug wheels.


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Top 3 Companies in the World:

Qingdao Smart Industrial Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Shandong, China
Establishment: 2012


Qingdao Smart Industrial Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese exporter of auto tools, hand tools, power tools, and household hardware. The company specialises in manufacturing and marketing power tools, auto repair tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools, household and home appliances, protection hardware, diesel-powered equipment, and garden tools. The company’s products follow ISO9001 standard with a factory in Shandong, China.


The Eastwood Company

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States
Establishment: 1978


The Eastwood Company is an American company that supplies advanced tools for restoring, repairing, and modifying cars, trucks, and motorcycles. The company offers auto paints and equipment, welders, air compressors, jacks and vehicle lifts, engines, suspensions, radiators and coolant systems, and other essential Do-It-Yourself products and services. It offers more than 4,000 unique products, and the products are sold online and through retail outlets located in Illinois, New Jersey, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Nevada. The Eastwood Company has over 100 employees across the United States.


Summit Racing Equipment (Autosales, Incorporated)

Headquarters: Ohio, United States
Establishment: 1968


Summit Racing Equipment (Autosales, Incorporated) is a US-based automotive parts company. The company offers a huge selection of automotive parts such as brake systems, chassis and suspension, engines, exhaust, paints and finishing products, ignition and electrical equipment, and other essential parts. It offers parts from over 1,500 brands such as Cragar, Bosal, Fly Racing, TCI Auto, Michelin and SSBC, among others. Summit Racing Equipment has retail outlets in Nevada, Ohio, Georgia, and Texas, and also sponsors cars in motorsports.


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