Top 10 Companies in the Global Automotive Airbag Inflator Market, Aided by Increasing Cases of Accidents

top automotive airbag inflator manufacturers


Autoliv Inc., ARC Automotive, Inc., Joyson Safety Systems Aschaffenburg GmbH, Toyoda Gosei (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd., Daicel Corporation, Nippon Kayaku Seizo Co., Ltd., Takata Corporation, Robert Bosch GmbH, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, and Tenaris, among others, are the key players in global market for automotive airbag inflator.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global automotive airbag inflator market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.80% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. The market for automotive airbag inflators is propelled by the rise in accidents caused by careless driving and rising safety concerns, both of which have led to an increase in demand for increased safety through airbags. 


The market for automotive airbag inflators is expected to be driven by increased regulatory standards for vehicle safety as well as a global increase in automotive safety consciousness. The development of the market is also being heavily influenced by the strict regulations by various governments that demand automakers install airbags in every car to lower fatalities. For instance, in order to make new passenger automobiles safer, the Indian government made dual airbags a requirement starting on April 1, 2021. 


Additionally, it is predicted that the automotive airbag inflator market would grow during the forecast period due to advancements in airbag technologies. The introduction of more airbags per vehicle, along with increased side-impact and curtain airbag penetration and vehicle production, are the key drivers of the automotive airbag inflator market's expansion. 


Due to its many advantages over traditional pyrotechnic airbag inflators, the hybrid category is driving the market growth for automotive airbag inflators. Higher performance tailoring capacity, lower exhaust gas temperature, reliable airbag deployment over temperature variation, reduced airborne particulates or gaseous effluents, higher thermodynamic efficiency, and higher bag fill capacity are some of the superior characteristics of hybrid airbag inflators that are stimulating the automotive airbag inflator market expansion.


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Top 10 Global Automotive Airbag Inflator Companies:

Autoliv Inc.

Headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Establishment: 1953


Autoliv, Inc., a global leader in vehicle safety systems, works with all of the world's top automakers to design, produce, and market safety features like airbags, seatbelts, steering wheels, and pedestrian protection systems. Airbags for front and side hits, as well as the two- and three-point seat belt systems, were first introduced by Autoliv. They were also the first to introduce pedestrian safety systems and pyrotechnic belt pretensioners.


ARC Automotive, Inc.

Headquarters: Tennessee, United States
Establishment: 1949


ARC Automotive, Inc., a global manufacturer, creates a broad range of inflators for use in automotive airbag applications (knee, driver, seatbelt, passenger, side, head, seat, and curtain). With almost 70 years of design experience in the field of inflator technology, ARC Automotive is dedicated to offering its clients cutting-edge, premium goods and services.


Joyson Safety Systems Aschaffenburg GmbH

Headquarters: Michigan, United States
Establishment: 1986


A global pioneer in mobility safety, Joyson Safety Systems offers safety-critical parts, systems, and technology to automotive and non-automotive markets, with a presence across 62 locations. Among its popular products are airbag systems, steering wheels, seatbelts, and integrated safety solutions. 


Toyoda Gosei (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
Establishment: 1949


With 67 group firms spread over 17 nations and regions, Toyoda Gosei (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd. is a premier supplier for the automobile industry. The company's business involves the production of various automotive parts and accessories.


Daicel Corporation

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Establishment: 1919


The Daicel Corporation specialises in the fields of polymers, pyrotechnics, organic chemicals, high-performance chemicals, and celluloid technologies. Among the company's offerings are tow for cigarette filters, cellulose acetate, high-performance chemicals for electronics components, engineering plastics including airbag inflators for cars, liquid crystal polymers (LPC), and resin mixtures.


Nippon Kayaku Seizo Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1916


The first maker of industrial explosives in Japan, Nippon Kayaku, is a Japanese corporation that was established in 1916. Its major business sectors are agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, safety systems, and functional chemicals. To meet the expectations of customers worldwide, Nippon Kayaku operates manufacturing facilities and subsidiaries throughout the world.


Takata Corporation

Headquarters: Michigan, United States
Establishment: 1933


One of the top manufacturers of automotive safety systems worldwide, Takata provides nearly all of the major automakers with a variety of products. These include seat belts, interior trim, airbag systems, steering wheels, fabrics, electronic devices like satellite sensors and electronic control units, and child restraint systems.


Robert Bosch GmbH

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany
Establishment: 1886


German engineering and technology multinational Robert Bosch GmbH produces automotive components. In addition to drive and control technology, business process outsourcing, energy, and building solutions, the company supplies vehicle parts, and industrial, mobility, and home appliances.


ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Headquarters: Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Establishment: 1915


ZF is a multinational technology business that provides systems for industrial technologies, commercial vehicles, and passenger cars. For both established automakers and recently emerged transport and mobility service companies, ZF offers comprehensive product and software solutions. ZF electrifies a variety of different kinds of vehicles. With its products, the company helps improve safe mobility, protect the environment, and reduce emissions.



Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 2002


Tenaris is a top provider of tubes and associated services for certain additional industrial applications as well as the global energy market. Among its clients are a majority of the top oil and gas businesses in the world as well as engineering firms involved in building oil and gas collecting, transportation, and processing facilities. Its main items include casings, tubing, line pipes, and mechanical and structural pipes.


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