Top 4 Companies in the Chemical Industry Accelerating the Global Benzyl Bromide Market

top benzyl bromide companies


Luyuan Technology Development Co., Limited, Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp., ShiJiaZhuang Dongcheng Chemical Co. Ltd, and Vandana Chemicals, among others, are the major players in the global market for benzyl bromide.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global benzyl bromide market is being aided by the growth of the overall chemical intermediate market, which is expected to grow in the forecast period of 2022-2027 at a CAGR of 6.8%.


Benzyl bromide finds uses in a number of applications as it is used in the synthesis of a wide range of organic compounds. With the increase in the use of chemicals in several industries, there has been a growth in end-user industries like pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and paints. This indicates a healthy growth of the industry in the forecast period.


North America is expected to be one of the major contributors to the benzyl bromide market due to the presence of many chemical industries. However, with the rise in demand for pharmaceuticals and pesticides in Asia Pacific, it is predicted that it will be a significant region of the benzyl bromide market during the forecast period. The benzyl bromide sector is being driven by its numerous applications in manufacturing, which are a result of the rise in the usage of synthetic resins and the expansion of tax rules around the world.


Since synthetic resins are lightweight and products below a specific weight level are exempt from regulatory taxes and tariffs, metal and other heavy materials are being substituted by them. As a result, the manufacture of benzyl bromide is becoming more efficient due to consumer desire for lighter products.


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Top 4 Global Benzyl Bromide Companies:

Luyuan Technology Development Co. Limited

Headquarters: Shandong, China
Establishment: 2005


Luyuan Tech. is a multinational manufacturer and distributor of basic chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, flame retardants, fine chemicals, bromides, and other speciality chemicals. Their presence is all over the world: Argentina, Greece, Japan, India, Russia, Korea, United Kingdom, and Germany. They contribute to various industries like sweeteners, optical monomers, flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, bromides, and many more.


Spectrum Chemical Manufacturing Corp.

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States
Establishment: 1971


Spectrum Chemical Mfg. Corp. is one of the leading manufacturers for the chemical industry, with a large selection of fine chemicals. The company manufactures and distributes fine chemicals and laboratory products. It has the largest selection of USP-NF-FCC chemicals which are used for the manufacture of food, personal care products and drugs. The target market of the company include the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, functional foods, dietary supplements, aerospace, personal care products, automotive and electronics.


ShiJiaZhuang Dongcheng Chemical Co. Ltd

Headquarters: Hebei, China
Establishment: 1996


ShiJiaZhuang Dongcheng Chemical is a high-tech company that supports production, research and development and sales. The company provides cost effective and high-quality pharmaceutical intermediates for its customers. The two main product categories are chloroacetaldehyde and benzyl bromide. A total of 5 categories of benzyl bromide are available. The company offers more than 50 products including the benzyl bromide series and the chloroacetaldehyde series. Their products are distributed to countries all across the world like the United States, South Korea, and the Middle East, among other regions.


Vandana Chemicals

Headquarters: Gujarat, India
Establishment: 1981


Vandana Chemicals, selling domestically and internationally, is a manufacturer of chemicals which supplies high quality organic reagents. The products manufactured by the company are exported to 12 countries across the world. The company has developed more than 20 products. The company has worked with more than 378 clients till now. They are an expert in converting energy into industrial chemicals on a large-scale basis as per the requirements of the industry.


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