Thriving Oil and Gas Industry Propelling the Growth of Global Bright Steel Wire Rope Market

top bright steel wire rope companies


YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd., Dunamis Wire Ropes Mfg. LLP, Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd., and Guizhou Wire Rope Incorporated Company, among others, are the top players in the bright steel wire rope market.


The global bright steel wire rope market is supported largely by the steel wire rope industry, which attained a CAGR of 3.4% in the forecast period from 2022 to 2027.


Bright steel wire ropes are general wire ropes without any coating, and free from zinc, copper, and other metallic coatings. Grease is generally used to lubricate these wires, hence preventing their deterioration. The major users of bright steel wire ropes are the oil and gas industry, shipping industry, and mining industry. Ever since the crude oil crisis, bright steel wire rope producers have seen a surge in revenue generation, especially with newer ventures for oil extraction, coal mining, and other mineral and industrial drilling.


Bright steel wire rope consumption and sales have been high in the Asia Pacific region in recent years, particularly in China, Indonesia, and India. North America and Europe are the primary areas for the global market for bright steel wire rope since they are major end-users in the oil and gas industry. During the forecasted period, the Asia Pacific countries of China, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are predicted to have considerable growth in the bright steel wire rope sector. Over the recent decade, China's demand for bright steel wire rope has increased significantly, possibly because of increased steel output and infrastructure investment in lift and motion applications.


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Top 4 Global Bright Steel Wire Rope Companies:

YUANBO Engineering Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Hebei province, China
Establishment: 2000


YuanBo Engineering Co., Ltd. Is the biggest bright steel wire rope manufacturer in the world. The company provides technology, solutions, and service support to meet the specific needs of customers in the pharmaceutical, chemical, fire, industrial, and other industries. As the company is located close to the northern Chinese, Tianjin port, it enjoys convenience of transport, and as a result, exports are large. It covers an area of 18000 square meters and employs more than 200 people to manufacture its goods. YuanBo exports to Europe, America, Japan, the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Australia.


Dunamis Wire Ropes Mfg. LLP

Headquarters: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Establishment: 2007


Dunamis Wire Ropes Mfg. LLP is the largest wire rope producer in India. The various ports of Mumbai offer easy transport to other countries, hence increasing their revenue. The company provides wire ropes for a wide variety of applications such as industrial and construction work, mining, oil and gas, bridges, ski lifts, and fishing and marine.


Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1887


One of the biggest wire rope manufacturers in Asia, Tokyo Rope Mfg. Co., Ltd. have built a reputation for providing the best quality in their products. The seaside ports and the immense connectivity from Japan allow for exceptional transport facilities. It is engaged in the production and sale of steel cables, steel cords, developed products, and others, the real estate leasing business, as well as logistics related business and other services.


Guizhou Wire Rope Incorporated Company

Headquarters: China
Establishment: 2000


Guizhou Wire Rope Incorporated Company is one of the largest companies specialising in steel wire rope products. The enterprise has more than 5000 employees, as they strive to achieve perfect quality control. The capacity of the company is a massive 4,00,000 metric tons a year, which they export to the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Netherlands, Singapore, and the Middle East.

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