Top 5 Companies Offering Innovative Copper Gluconates for Dietary Supplements

top copper gluconate companies


Jost Chemical Co., Liaoyang Fuqiang Food Chemical Co., Ltd., Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd., Salvi Chemical Industries Ltd., and Shandong Xinhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., among others, are significant players in the global copper gluconate market.


The global copper gluconate market is supported by the growth of the dietary supplements market, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 7% in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the rising prevalence of heart disease.


The increasing use of copper gluconate in dietary supplements amid the growing focus on holistic wellbeing is propelling the market growth. The demand for copper gluconate in wound healing, collagen synthesis, and skin regeneration is also surging. In addition, the easy solubility offered by copper gluconate is driving its incorporation in various food and beverage products, including health food, infant milk formula, and salt products, among others.


With the robustly growing cosmetics and personal care industry, the demand for copper gluconate to improve skin vitality, protect the skin, and prevent glycation is increasing. Copper gluconate also functions as a biocide in cosmetics and skin care products owing to its antimicrobial properties. Moreover, the utilisation of copper gluconate as an anti-ageing ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products is expected to rise in the forecast period.


As the prevalence of cardiac issues is rising, the demand for copper gluconate to boost the overall heart health of patients is growing. With the increasing cases of vitamin deficiency and the growing incidences of eating disorders, especially among the young population, the demand for dietary supplements containing copper gluconate is anticipated to surge. The growing awareness regarding the benefits of copper gluconate in improving bone health, energy levels, antioxidant activities, immune health, and heart health, among others, is anticipated to support the market demand in the forecast period.


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Top 5 Copper Gluconate Companies Across the Globe

Jost Chemical Co.

Headquarters: Missouri, United States
Establishment: 1985


Jost Chemical Co. is a high purity speciality chemicals and minerals manufacturer. It manufactures bulk pharmaceutical products at its FDA-registered facilities while adhering to current good manufacturing practices (cGMP). Its high purity chemical salts are traceable and meet EP, USP, JP, BP, FCC, NF, and ACS requirements. The company manufacturers over 250 products, which are used in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, nutritional, and food industries.


Liaoyang Fuqiang Food Chemical Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Liaodong Peninsula, China
Establishment: 1992


Liaoyang Fuqiang is China's largest producer of pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, and gluconates. It is the only company that manufactures a wide range of gluconates in China. Liaoyang Fuqiang is equipped with sophisticated equipment and apparatus for quality control, particularly monitoring and testing heavy metals. The high-quality products manufactured by the company are exported to America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, among other regions.


Fuso Chemical Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Osaka, Japan
Establishment: 1952


FUSO CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is a life science and electronic material company, based in Japan. It engages in the production of functional chemicals as well as fruit acids. With three business segments, Electronic Materials, Life Sciences, and Functional Chemicals, the company markets gluconic acid, resin additives, food additives, and photographic chemical raw materials, among others.


Salvi Chemical Industries Ltd.

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1979


Salvi Chemical Industries Ltd. is one of the largest producers and exporters of chemical and pharmaceutical goods in India. The company offers more than 200 products for use in the food, pharmaceuticals, feed, speciality chemicals, cosmetics, and perfumery sectors. Through continuous R&D activities, the company aims to transform the chemical sector.


Shandong Xinhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Headquarters: Shandong Province, China
Establishment: 2000


Shandong Xinhong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. specialises in the production, manufacturing, and operation of gluconate products. With an area of 20 million square metre and above 150 employees, the company exports its products to over 56 regions and countries across the globe. It invested 100 million yuan in the construction of a gluconate GMP manufacturing workshop, a comprehensive laboratory facility, and other facilities.


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