Top 5 Companies Driving Premiumisation of Wine and Dominating the Global Fortified Wine Market

top fortified wine companies


Mazuran's Vineyards Limited, Curatolo Arini, Taylor's Port, Albina & Hanna, and Sogevinus Fine Wines SL., among others, are the major players in the global fortified wine market.


The global fortified wine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.80% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis of Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven majorly by the growing acceptance of alcoholic beverages and the rising inclination for wine.


With the rising consumption of alcohol in developing countries, the demand for fortified wine is growing. The expanding distribution channels and the surging availability of fortified wine on e-commerce channels are significantly contributing to the market growth. In addition, the increasing incorporation of fortified wine in ready-to-drink beverages is likely to surge its demand on account of the growing preference for convenience.


The addition of fortified wine in cocktails owing to its versatile flavour and texture is propelling the market growth. The rising interest in handcrafted drinks, especially among the millennial and Gen-Z populations, is also bolstering the demand for fortified wine. Various companies are also launching fortified wine with exclusive blends to drive consumer engagement, which is expected to fuel the market demand.


The growing consumption of premium beverages in social settings is propelling the demand for fortified wine. Several leading players are increasing their spending on the marketing and promotion of fortified wine, which is likely to attract new consumers to the beverage. Moreover, the growing awareness regarding the health benefits associated with the consumption of fortified wine in moderation such as improved digestive health and strengthened immune system is anticipated to favour the market development in the forecast period.


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5 Fortified Wine Companies in the World:

Mazuran's Vineyards Limited

Headquarters: 1938
Establishment: Auckland, New Zealand


Mazuran's is one of the pioneers in the wine industry in New Zealand. The company sources its grapes from selected local vineyards in New Zealand. The company is the only winery in New Zealand that distils its own grape brandy for wine fortification. In September 2022, the company launched its New Yellow Label sparkling chardonnay that is barrel fermented.


Curatolo Arini

Headquarters: Sicily, Italy
Establishment: 1875


Curatolo Arini is a leading winery based in Sicily, Italy. The company also offers wine experiences to provide deeper knowledge of indigenous wines, their family values, and their aims. Its vineyards are located in Chirchiaro, Gagliardetta, Sciarra Soprana, Marchesa, and Marsala. The company collaborates with various wineries to expand its presence in the regional and global markets.


Taylor's Port

Headquarters: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Establishment: 1692


Taylor's is one of the oldest and largest makers of Port wine, one of the classic European wines. It is regarded as a pioneer maker of the finest styles of Port wine. It is involved in all production stages of Port wine and continually invests in the latest innovations and technologies to create high-quality wines. The company also produces wood-aged ports while owning one of the largest rare cask-aged wine reserves.


Albina & Hanna

Headquarters: Amman, Jordan
Establishment: 1899


Albina & Hanna is a third-generation family-run company that offers premium brands of beverages like beer, spirits, wine, and illy coffee, among others. The company strives to become a leading beverage distributor and offer improved consumer service, efficient processes, and communication. It also hosts various wine events and aims to continuously improve its offerings.


Sogevinus Fine Wines SL

Headquarters: Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Establishment: 1998


Sogevinus is one of the leaders in Port wine in Portugal and a leading provider of Colheitas. The company has developed an effective and quick method to control the entire cycle of wine manufacturing.  The company has extensively invested in its logistics centre and quality control processes to offer the highest standards of consumer services.


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