Prominent Companies Dominating the India Diapers Market, Supported by Increasing Hygiene Awareness

India Diapers Market


The Procter & Gamble Company, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Unicharm Corporation, Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd, Himalaya Wellness Company, Abena International A/S, Swara Baby Products Pvt. Ltd., PAN Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Millennium BabyCares Pvt Ltd, and R for Rabbit Baby Products Pvt. Ltd., among others, are the major players in the India diapers market.


The India diapers market reached a value of about USD 8.05 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 16% in the forecast period of 2024-2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing hygiene awareness.


A diaper is an absorbent garment used by babies or adults to manage bodily waste. They can be cloth or synthetic and are primarily for infants or those with incontinence. Diapers are composed of materials like cotton, tissue papers, and polymers, with multiple layers for absorption and leakage prevention. They accommodate diverse needs, including urinary incontinence and disabilities, providing a convenient alternative to using a toilet. Available in different sizes and shapes, diapers enhance fluid absorption and retention, ensuring comfort and cleanliness for users.


Table: Indian Population by age group (in Millions)

Age 2020 2024 2030 (projected) 2050 (projected)
0-14 364.63 352.84 338.12 301.40
15-64 938.59 983.43 1,043.39 1,118.81
60+ 142.31 158.94 195.13 347.58
65+ 93.17 105.46 133.48 250.28
80+ 14.82 15.77 21.54 55.85
Total 1,396.39 1,441.72 1,514.99 1,670.49


The India diapers market growth is propelled by increasing awareness of hygiene. This expansion is fuelled by strong consumer purchasing power and a steadily expanding middle-class demographic.


The diapers market in India sees momentum driven by consumer demand for customisable and eco-friendly diaper options. Key manufacturers are capitalising on this trend to meet the needs of their target audience. Additionally, innovations in diaper properties, such as enhanced skin-friendliness, ultra-thinness, and increased absorbency, are fuelling market growth in India.


In January 2023, Kimberly-Clark rebranded its diaper line, Huggies, with the introduction of the 'Huggies Complete Comfort®' range in India. The relaunch, informed by extensive consumer insights, emphasises a 5-in-1 comfort proposition, focusing on softness and absorption. With a fresh visual identity across its packaging, the brand aims to highlight key attributes and consumer benefits. The relaunch is accompanied by the 'We got you, baby' campaign, featuring a heartwarming film by Ogilvy India, showcasing Huggies' commitment to providing comfort with bubble bed softness, 12-hour absorption, triple leak guard, breathable material, and a comfy fit waistband.


Top 10 Diaper Companies in India:

The Procter & Gamble Company

Headquarters: Ohio, United States
Establishment: 1837


P&G, established over 185 years ago, has evolved into a global powerhouse with renowned brands like Always®, Charmin®, and Gillette®. Its success stems from the innovative minds of diverse workforce, committed to enhancing everyday life for 5 billion consumers. With opportunities across 70 countries, P&G strive to attract and advance top talent globally. At P&G, there's no one-size-fits-all approach to success; the company prioritises individual growth and aim to provide an exceptional employee experience, mirroring its dedication to consumer satisfaction.


Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1872


Kimberly-Clark, with 45,000 global employees, prioritises Better Care for a Better World through renowned brands like Huggies® and Kleenex®. Leading in 80 countries, the company is committed to sustainability and community impact. Innovating for over 150 years, the company’s purpose-driven teams continuously adapt to evolving needs. Recognised as one of Forbes' 2022 World's Best Employers, the culture fosters growth and consumer-centric innovation, empowering employees to make a difference globally.


Unicharm Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1961


Unicharm Corporation, a Japanese multinational, specialises in disposable hygiene, household cleaning, and pet care products, with a focus on diapers for infants and adults, feminine hygiene, and pet care. Operating in 80 countries, it dominates the Asian market for baby and feminine care, holding significant shares in China, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. In 2021, its personal-care division comprised 86% of sales, reflecting its strong position in the industry and commitment to meeting diverse consumer needs.


Nobel Hygiene Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1999


Nobel Hygiene, headquartered in Mumbai, is a leading manufacturer of disposable hygiene products in India, boasting ISO 9001:2015 and CE certifications. Established in 2000, the company pioneered adult diapers under the brand 'Friends' and expanded its offerings to include a wide range of baby care products under the brand 'Teddyy'. With nationwide presence, Nobel Hygiene is among the fastest-growing FMCG companies, dominating the adult diaper market with 'Friends'. Additionally, it manufactures private label diapers for Indian SMEs and exports to over 20 countries, including Australia, Malaysia, UAE, and parts of Africa.


Himalaya Wellness Company

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Establishment: 1930


Himalaya, a renowned global health care brand, is synonymous with "Happiness through Wellness." With a range of herbal products catering to holistic well-being, it's trusted by millions worldwide. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Himalaya's Herbal Biopharma company has made its mark in over 100 countries. Embracing Ayurveda supported by modern science, products like Liv.52 are endorsed by doctors globally, reflecting the growing demand for herbal medicine. From pharmaceutical origins, Himalaya has evolved into a leading global herbal health and personal care organisation, offering nearly 500 products worldwide.


Abena International A/S

Headquarters: Aabenraa, Denmark
Establishment: 1953


ABENA, a Danish family-owned company, operates globally with over 2,000 employees across 90+ markets. Committed to enhancing quality of life sustainably, the company offers innovative solutions and expert assistance to its customers. With 38,000+ products catering to various sectors including healthcare, hospitality, and retail, ABENA is a trusted partner. Headquartered in Aabenraa, Denmark, with 23 subsidiaries and production facilities in Denmark, Sweden, and France, Abena provides user-focused solutions backed by extensive industry knowledge, ensuring ease-of-business and growth opportunities for our clients worldwide.


Swara Baby Products Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Dhar, India
Establishment: 2016


Swara Baby Products Pvt. Ltd., a key contract manufacturer in India, has dominated the hygiene market since 2002. Renowned for strict quality control and technological expertise, Swara produces for top brands like Pampers, Himalaya, and Huggies. With high-speed machinery and innovative approaches, the company creates superior baby and adult diapers, sanitary napkins, and panty liners. As exclusive global manufacturers for Pampers and Huggies, and leaders in India's contract manufacturing sector, Swara Baby Products is committed to delivering excellence and forging lasting partnerships with its clients.


PAN Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Headquarters: Rajkot, India
Establishment: 2017


PAN Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., established in 2016, aims to offer comprehensive health and hygiene solutions for individuals of all ages. Operating as a private limited company under the Companies Act, it's registered at RoC-Ahmedabad. The company markets products under various brand names like Little Angels, Everteen, Liberty, Neud, and NatureSure, catering to diverse needs. PAN Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. prioritises providing holistic care to babies, men, and women, reflecting its commitment to enhancing overall well-being through its range of offerings.


Millennium BabyCares Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Dhar, India
Establishment: 2017


Established in 2015, Millennium Babycare Pvt. Ltd. is a leader in hygiene products for babies, women, and adults. It pioneered plant-based diapers in India and is the sole approved vendor for major brands like Amazon and Flipkart. With cutting-edge technology, it manufactures a wide range of products, including diapers and sanitary napkins. Certified by ISO, BIS, Sedex, and GMP, Millennium offers customised solutions with flexible manufacturing and strong R&D support. Committed to excellence, it provides comprehensive services from packaging to doorstep delivery.


R for Rabbit Baby Products Pvt. Ltd.

Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Establishment: 2014


Established in 2014, R for Rabbit was born out of parental concerns for quality and safety in baby products. Founded by Mr. Kunal and Mrs. Kinjal Popat in Gujarat, India, the brand aims to be an "Amazing Baby Company" by offering innovative, safety-certified products at affordable prices. Their range includes high-chairs, strollers, car seats, and more. With a focus on quality, safety, innovation, and customer support, R for Rabbit caters to a nationwide audience through online platforms and offline channels across India.


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