Top 10 Companies Leading with Innovation in the Global Nanotechnology Market

top nanotechnology companies


Altair Nanotechnoogies Inc., Applied Nanotech Inc, Advanced Nano Products Co Ltd, Bruker Corporation, Biosensors International Group Ltd., Espin Technology Inc., Imina Technologies SA, Nanonics Imaging Ltd., DuPont de Nemours, Inc., and Arkema Group, among others, are the major players in the global nanotechnology market. 


The global nanotechnology market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 10% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by increase in adoption of technology by the healthcare sector and technological advancements. 


Nanotechnology is used in various sectors including agriculture, medicine, energy, consumer products, transportation, communication, materials, and manufacturing. The use and demand for nanotechnology is growing in these industries which is expected to contribute to the growth of the market. 


Acceptance rate for nanotechnology has also increased along with increase in use helping the market to grow consistently. Governments have been increasing efforts by investing in and funding research and development activities, which will increase the demand for the nanotechnology, further fuelling the growth in the market.


Devices using nanotechnology are widely accepted in the medical industry especially for diagnosis and imaging purpose which is helping in the market growth. Other improvements and innovations have also been carried out such as development of high quality carbon fibres with the help of nanotechnology which is an eco-friendly and a cost effective method. 


Nanocarriers are used to improve the delivery of targeted drugs which other wise has a negative impact on health. Replacement of conductive thin films with nanoparticles and nanowires is cost effective and involves a simple manufacturing method. These and various other advancements are all expected to contribute in the growth of the global nanotechnology market. 


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Top 10 Nanotechnology Companies in the World:

Altair Nanotechnologies Inc.

Headquarters: Wyoming, United States
Establishment: 1973


Altair Nanotechnologies Inc. is a nanotechnology research company which is known for developing and manufacturing energy storage systems for energy management and efficient power. It is involved in the designing of advanced lithium-ion energy systems and batteries. They provide powerful solutions to their customers for day-to-day problems as well as other problems tackling the challenges of energy faced by the global economy. It is helping the world achieve sustainable and economical energy and power management solutions. 


Applied Nanotech Inc.

Headquarters: Texas, United States 
Establishment: 1985


Applied Nanotech Inc. is a commercial company that aims at solving the world’s problems at a molecular level with the help of nanotechnology. With next-gen display applications they focus on developing new products for companies using a nanotech approach. Their ‘Copper StayClean’ is a natural mineral protector, a cleaner which works at nanometre scale and also an everyday surface care product. Their specialised products include carbon foils, nanoelectronics, stripper foil, nanocomposites, sensors, additive manufacturing, thermal management, VOC sensors, and various other similar products. 


Advanced Nano Products Co. Ltd.

Headquarters: Sejung, South Korea
Establishment: 2000


Advanced Nano Products Co. Ltd. is a nanotechnology research company that aims at providing well-being and happiness to its customers through their high-end technology. They are on a constant move for innovation and change by connecting various different technologies to develop future technology. With a focus on touch display, new renewable energy, and other human friendly and environment friendly technologies, they aim to create an innovative future. 


Bruker Corporation

Headquarters: Massachusetts, United States
Establishment: 1960


Bruker Corporation is a company that specialises in the manufacture of industrial and applied analysis equipment along with scientific instruments for molecular and material research. They believe in helping scientists worldwide protect the environment and improve the quality of lives. Accordingly, the company is involved in innovating unique techniques to improve resource and energy efficiency during the manufacture of their products. They encourage open environment and creativity for technological advancements, satisfying their customers with quality products. 


Biosensors International Group Ltd.

Headquarters: Jalan Tukang, Singapore
Establishment: 1990


Biosensors International Group Ltd. is an international medical device company that focusses on developing and manufacturing technologies for purposes such as critical care and interventional cardiology procedures. They have created a network of distributors. They developed and launched a biodegradable polymer stent with drug characteristics that help in reducing systemic exposure and through an abluminal side coated with polymer. 


eSpin Technology Inc.

Headquarters: Tamil Nadu, India
Establishment: 1999


A nanotechnology research company, eSpin Technologies Inc. specialises in the production of custom engineered nanofibers. They manufacture and supply nanofiber for basic applications including commercial and development. Their mission is to impact the quality of life of people positively by increasing the demand and use for products based on nanofibers. They cater to a wide range of markets, including absorbents, wound dressings, filters, cosmetic additives, drug delivery systems, barrier fabrics, insulation materials, bio-protective medical and military clothing, industrial chemical catalysts, and fuel cell membranes. 


Imina Technologies SA

Headquarters: Lausanne, Switzerland
Establishment: 2009


Imina Technologies SA is an engineering and robotics company where the workers design and manufacture various types of optical setups and electron scanning microscopes. Their modularity solutions are designed to offer flexibility for integration with numerous test equipment and microscopy for improved workflows. They aim to help their customers achieve success in their experiments involving electronics such as MEMS, integrated circuits, nanowires, or wafers, by creating solutions that help in fastening and adapting time to the critical data. 


Nanonics Imaging Ltd.

Headquarters: Jerusalem, Israel
Establishment: 1997


Nanonics Imaging Ltd. provides innovative atomic force microscopes (AFM) and near-field scanning optical microscopy (NSOM) systems, catering to clients with research needs. It prioritises innovation, discovering new functionalities such as in NSOM imaging. It changed near field scanning optical microscopy with cantilevered probes in NSOM, raman/AFM, SEM/AFM, dual tip/sample scanning AFM, and multi probe AFM systems. 


DuPont de Nemours, Inc.

Headquarters: Delaware, United States
Establishment: 2017


DuPont de Nemours, Inc. manufactures electronics to enable connectivity, next-gen semiconductor chips, and smart technologies. It also manufactures next gen automotive products with an aim to transform mobility by improving electric vehicles and safety systems. It addresses issues of water scarcity, providing solutions for clean water and sustainable use of water. They use specialised materials and clean energy in view of environmental demands of industries such as defence, healthcare, and aerospace. 


Arkema Group

Headquarters: Colombes Cedex, France
Establishment: 2006


Arkema Group is a chemical manufacturing company that is known for its growth and investments in the manufacturing of specialty materials and chemicals. They design and manufacture innovative specialty materials with a vision to create a sustainable world and fulfil every need and demand of their customers. Keeping their focus on challenges such as natural resource management and climate issues, they continue to manufacture innovative and quality materials.


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