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Top 4 Companies in the Jewellery Industry to Aid Global Onyx Stone Market

top onyx stone companies


UK Natural Stone Group, Xiamen Yeyang Stone Group, Aravali Group, and Michigan Stones Pvt Ltd, among others are the major players in the global market for onyx stone.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global onyx stone market is likely to be driven by the growing gemstone market, which will grow at a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027.


An onyx stone is a silica mineral of a parallel banded type. Both agate and onyx stones include bands, with the key distinction being that onyx has parallel bands rather than the curved bands found in agate. The colours that these bands retain in each stone vary and can be anything from white to virtually any other colour. Onyx stone typically has bands of colour that are either black or white.


In the forecast period, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global market by consumption, with China and India expected to lead the onyx stone market demand. This may be a result of the region's increasing popularity and extensive use of mass made vintage artificial jewellery. The rising construction market in Asian countries is another factor contributing to the expansion of the regional market. Due to the expansion of the tourism sector and the rising need for tourist accommodations like hotels and serviced apartments, North America and Europe are also anticipated to significantly contribute to the onyx stone market.


One of the key factors promoting the expansion of the onyx stone market is the rising popularity of artificial jewellery. Diamond and other gemstone costs are rising, which is increasing consumer interest in jewellery that has been made artificially. In addition to being less expensive, these jewels are extremely beautiful. Additionally, the price of onyx stone jewellery at resale is high and is unaffected by consumer trends. 


Further, the onyx stone market is expanding as a result of the increasing construction sector, which is also one of the key factors driving the interior decoration market. The onyx stone industry is anticipated to grow as a result of rising spending on interior remodelling of residential buildings that has spread to commercial properties like offices and hotels.


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Top 4 Global Onyx Stone Companies:

UK Natural Stone Group

Headquarters: Wokingham, United Kingdom


Natural Stone Group sources and supplies a wide range of soft and hard stones such as marble, granite, quartzite, onyx, limestone, travertine, and semiprecious stone, along with top-quality engineered quartz. Following a decade of supplying to the booming construction industry in major Chinese and Europe cities, it is now committed to offering the best of its services and products for industrial and domestic applications in the United Kingdom.


Xiamen Yeyang Stone Group

Headquarters: Fujian, China
Establishment: 1993


One of the top stone producers, YEYANG STONE was founded in 1993 and is based in the home of stone, Xiamen & Shuitou. It focuses on the competitive pricing of countertops, slabs, and tiles made of granite, marble, and quartz.


Aravali Group

Headquarters: Rajasthan, India
Establishment: 1978


Aravali Group owns one of India’s largest underground mines and is a pioneer in producing, manufacturing, and exporting soapstone and marble. With a vast global network, the group is known for its skilled crafting processes, superior quality, and an astounding range of marbles. Companies under the Aravali Group include Aravali Minerals & Chemicals Industries Pvt. Ltd, Esprit Stones Pvt. Ltd., and Rose Marble Pvt. Ltd.


Michigan Stones Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Karnataka, India
Establishment: 2007


Michigan is among the industry's top manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of natural stones like marble, granite, and travertine, counter tops, sandstone, and granite. With its unique approach and strategy, the company hopes to overtake other exporters of granite, marble, and sandstone from India in the near future. This would be accomplished by meeting the demands of foreign customers for quality, uniform colour, polish, reasonable pricing, on-time delivery, and personal interaction.


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