Top 10 Companies Dominating the Global Point of Sale Materials (PoSM) Market

Top 10 Point of Sale Materials (PoSM) Companies


NEC Corporation, HH Global Group, Simpson Group, RTC Europe Ltd., Trion Industries, Inc., INDEVCO Group (Eastern Company), Priority Software Ltd., Drukkerij VAN AS B.V., Amitoje India, and Tokinomo Marketing S.R.L. among others are the major players in the global point of sale materials (PoSM) market.


The global point of sale materials (PoSM) market reached a value of almost USD 35.19 billion in 2023. The market is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% between 2024 and 2032 to reach a value of nearly USD 57.39 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is driven by the increasing demand for cashless transactions.


Point of sale materials (PoSM) market development is largely being driven by the need for cost-effective, customizable solutions that work with a variety of hardware and operating systems. These solutions allow businesses to effectively serve a broad customer base. The adoption of PoSM solutions is also being fueled by the growing demand for advanced features like inventory tracking, customer data management, and personnel management analytics.


The retail industry is likely to drive the point of sale materials (PoSM) market growth owing to their application in visual merchandising where their placement in supermarkets, hypermarkets and other forms of stores and outlets influences individuals by enhancing the shopping experience for customers. Some of the products in this domain are posters & banners, cards & labels which are placed on shelves and display product details and descriptions. Brands also leverage analytics and marketing techniques to create personalised PoSM campaigns which allow for targeted promotions thus increasing response rate and return on investment.


Global Point of Sale Materials (PoSM) Market


In June 2024, Walmart announced plans to replace its paper price tags with digital shelf labels, The retail giant said it is now ready to expand the technology to 2300 stores by 2026. The technology has many additional features like LED lights which show employees which locations require attention. Additionally, the technology expedites order picking, fulfillment, and stock replenishment. Further, in November 2023, Tokinomo introduced Visibubble, an instore advertising and marketing solution. Some of its innovative features include displays with adaptable colours and messages, interaction through QR codes where upon scanning customers land on a dedicated page, motion detecting sensors which activate the visibubble on shopper proximity and notification sounds that are engaging. As of May 2023, Amitoje India, a leader in the point-of-sale marketing domain was awarded a patent for their groundbreaking foldable displays. The patent comes ahead of the company's commitment to enhancing customer experience and driving innovation, promising portability and ease of assembly and disassembly.


Top 10 Point of Sale Materials (PoSM) Companies in the World:

NEC Corporation

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan
Establishment: 1899


NEC Corporation is a leader in IT integration and network technologies, and has been playing a huge role in providing innovative retail solutions through its point of sale materials (PoSM) systems. The company provides solutions across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, hospitality, telecommunications, aviation, broadcast and financial services. They provide products like infrared thermal imagers, projectors monitors and displays for restaurants and retail domains, indoor venues and training facilities.


HH Global Group

Headquarters: Leatherhead, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1991


With over 8600 strategic supplier partners, a presence in 64 countries and clients in over 90 countries, HH Global Group is a leader in marketing, production and procurement enabled by technology. The company helps improve marketing campaigns through proprietary technology, including print production, point-of-sale technology and promotional items. The company serves brands in industries like fast-moving consumer goods, sports and fitness, technology, non-profit & public sector and finance.


Simpson Group

Headquarters: Washington, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1972


The Simpson Group caters to over 14,000 retail outlets every quarter in a vast range of industries such as fashion, food and beverage, travel and leisure and financial services such as banks and non-bank financial companies. It is a leader in providing cutting-edge point-of-sale and point-of-purchase technology solutions. Their impressive portfolio of products includes free-standing display units, point-of-sale printing, retail store hanging signs, counter display units & stands and retail window displays among others.


RTC Europe Ltd.

Headquarters: Sittingbourne, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1987


The company offers a range of services to retailers in their brand journey by providing shelf management and merchandising solutions which provide significant labour savings to enhance the shopping experience and boost product visibility and presentation. It provides point-of-sale materials and systems solutions in the form of counter and floor displays, LCD screens, LED screens, digital kiosks, and signage & posters for visual merchandising, shop in shop installations.


Trion Industries, Inc.

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States
Establishment: 1965


Trion Industries is a pioneer in point-of-sale and point-of-purchase marketing and display technology. It specializes in shelf management, cooler merchandising systems, shelf edge label holders, hook label holder systems and anti-theft & security products and label holder systems. The company serves a variety of firms in the retail sector.


INDEVCO Group (Eastern Company)

Headquarters: Keserwan, Lebanon
Establishment: 1956


INDEVCO Group (Eastern Company) employs 11,500 individuals and has 100 operations in regions like Africa, Europe, the UK, and the US. The company serves a range of companies in 90 countries across a wide array of industries such as agriculture, food & beverage, building & construction, chemical & petrochemical, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and transportation. In retail, they provide merchandising displays for point of sale and point of purchase which raises brand and product awareness.


Priority Software Ltd.

Headquarters: Rosh Haayin, Israel
Establishment: 1986


The company serves more than 75,000 customers in 70 countries with its business management platforms that drive organisational growth. Some of their products built to maximize customer, store staff and cashier comfort are their point of sale solutions like ‘TPOS’ which is built as software to be installed in mobile devices. Other tools are QPOS and kiosks which provide a quick and convenient way for consumers to scan and make their purchases on their own.


Drukkerij VAN AS B.V.

Headquarters: Oud-Beijerland, Netherlands
Establishment: 1934


Drukkerij VAN AS B.V. is a family-owned business in the graphics and printing industry. The company provides solutions to retailers and businesses in other industries in out-of-home marketing, advertising and interior design through point-of-purchase materials and signs. Their point-of-sale products include cubes, shelf stoppers, shelf strips, table cards, and counter mats while their display range includes showcard displays, counter displays and lifesize displays.


Amitoje India

Headquarters: New Delhi, India


With more than 4 decades in the industry, Amitoje India has served brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Adidas, TATA and the Aditya Birla Group. The company specializes in products for point of sale and point of purchase marketing serving companies in industries like food and beverage, automobile, manufacturing, sports and fitness, and fast-moving consumer goods. Their vast portfolio consists of products like product display stands & shelves, store fixtures, supermarket shelves, motion displays, promotional displays, and retail shelf branding among others.


Tokinomo Marketing S.R.L.

Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania


Tokinomo is a leader in providing consumers a premium in-store marketing experience through their expertise in automated point-of-purchase products like ‘shelfobot’, a proprietary technology that enables brand communication in a very novel way to consumers using motion sensors to drive engagement. One of their other products is the ‘Visibubble’ which uses sensor technology to activate brand messaging making it an innovative way to get individuals to interact.


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