Top 3 Companies in the Food and Beverage Industry to Drive the Global Polydextrose Market

top polydextrose companies


Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd., Tate & Lyle PLC, and DuPont de Nemours, Inc., among others are the major players in the global market for polydextrose.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the global polydextrose market is expected to witness a healthy CAGR of 5% during the forecast period of 2022-2027, owing to the rising health consciousness among people.


Due to favourable FDA regulations that encourage the use of polydextrose in food products, with the exception of meat and poultry and baby foods, North America is anticipated to be a significant market for polydextrose. Meanwhile, it is anticipated that polydextrose would be produced and consumed at high levels in the Asia Pacific region.


Increase in obesity among people have pushed them to consume more fibrous food. Therefore, the use of polydextrose is anticipated to rise because the substance has a large appetite-suppressing impact and can help people manage their weight. WHO has also suggested that a person should consume 25 grams of fibre every day. Food products like cereals, bakery items, and beverages, among others, can use polydextrose as an ingredient, thus propelling the polydextrose market.


Numerous physiological advantages, including improved gastrointestinal health, glucose balance, and efficient weight management, can result from consuming polydextrose. In addition, consumers' growing preference for sugar-free goods and other diabetic foods is projected to present polydextrose producers with significant growth prospects in the years to come. During the anticipated period, these factors are anticipated to boost the polydextrose market expansion.


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Top 3 Global Polydextrose Companies:

Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd.,

Headquarters: Shandong, China
Establishment: 1997


Baolingbao Biology Co., Ltd., is the leading manufacturer of corn-based health and food ingredients. It uses innovative technology to produce value-added ingredients for customers in the food, beverage, and dairy industries. They produce wide agglomerated powder and organic products. BLB has built a cutting-edge enzyme engineering and fermentation engineering incubator platform to produce better products. The company provides products of polydextrose for beverages, dairy, candy, bakery, condiment, and healthy food and exports its products to 9 different countries across the world including India and the United States.


Tate & Lyle PLC

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1921


Tate & Lyle produces healthy and tasty food for their customers. The company’s key areas of expertise are beverages, dairy, soups, sours, and dressings. It finds its expertise in finding the correct alternatives for sugar which will respond to the evolving industry. STA-LITE® Polydextrose from Tate & Lyle is a low-calorie bulking and texturising ingredient frequently used to substitute sugar and fat in foods without compromising taste, texture, or enjoyment.


DuPont de Nemours Inc.

Headquarters: Wilmington, United States
Establishment: 1802


DuPont provides food and beverage innovations along with healthy and sustainable options for customers to consume the products they love. The business possesses significant concentration and purification capabilities as well as familiarity with both established and new food and beverage applications. With sophisticated science-based technologies that make it possible to produce everything from dairy products and classic caloric sweeteners to plant-based proteins and beneficial sugars, DuPont Water Solutions enhances nutrition.


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