Leading Companies in the Global Rice Market, Supported by Burgeoning Popularity of Rice as a Staple Food

Global Rice Market


Riceland Foods Inc., LT Foods Ltd., Ebro Foods, S.A., Adani Wilmar Ltd., McCormick & Company, Incorporated, KRBL Limited, ITC Limited, Riviana Foods Inc., LaGrande Family Food Groups, and Conagra Brands, inc., among others, are the major players in the global rice market. 


The global rice market reached a value of about USD 323.70 billion in 2023. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.1% in the forecast period of 2024-2032 to reach USD 425.23 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by an expanding population across the globe.


Rice is the staple food for over 50% of the world's population, with Asia, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa, being the largest consuming regions. The four major types of rice produced and traded worldwide, include Indica, Aromatic, Japonica, and glutinous. Basmati is a long-grained aromatic variety of rice that is traditionally grown in the Indian subcontinent. It is an essential ingredient in Asian cuisine. With tropical weather conditions, India produces over 5,000,000 tons of basmati annually, accounting for more than 70% of the world's total basmati production. India has 34 identified varieties of Basmati rice, including Basmati 217, Basmati 370, Punjab Basmati, Kasturi, Dehraduni Basmati, Mahi Sugandha, and Pusa Basmati. 


Types of Rice Produced Globally

Type Cultivated Countries
Indica Tropical and subtropical regions such as Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Thailand, the Philippines, Burma, Cambodia, Brazil, Indonesia, Malaysia, and southern China.
Aromatic (Jasmine and Basmati) India, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Pakistan
Japonica Regions with cooler climates such as Japan, North Korea, certain regions of China, South Korea, California, the European Union, Egypt, Russia, and Australia.
Glutinous and other specialty rice types Primarily grown in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia.


The changing ethnic composition in countries such as the United States is aiding the long-term growth in rice demand. The continued introduction of new rice-based products has also contributed to the rice market growth. The popular uses of rice include food for human consumption, beer, and pet food. The rising population worldwide is a crucial driver for rice consumption, especially in Asia and Latin America where rice is a staple food item. 


Top 10 Rice Companies in the World:

Riceland Foods Inc.

Headquarters: Arkansas, United States
Establishment: 1921


Riceland Foods Inc. provides marketing services for rice and soybeans grown by its 5,500 farmer-members in Missouri and Arkansas. Annually, Riceland’s employees receive store, transport, process, and market over 125 million bushels or 2.5 million metric tons of grain. The company is one of the world’s largest miller and marketer of rice. As a rice exporter, the company markets its rice products using the Riceland label, private labels, as ingredients, and in bulk. In addition to being sold across the country, Riceland products are sold to over 75 foreign destinations.


LT Foods Ltd.

Headquarters: Haryana, India
Establishment: 1978


LT Foods Ltd. is India’s leading rice brand and United States’s number one speciality food brand. The company has a presence in four continents across the globe. The company’s brands and products are sold in over 60 countries including India, the United States, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East, among other regions in the world. LT Foods sells over 460,000 metric tons of basmati packaged rice annually. In India, the company’s brands are featured in over 118,000 retail outlets. The company supplies more than 6,000 foodservice outlets in the country. Its flagship rice brands, Daawat and Royal are leading rice brands in India and the United States, respectively.


Ebro Foods, S.A

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain
Establishment: 2000


Ebro Foods, S.A. is Spain’s prominent food enterprise and holds the no. 1 position as a rice provider globally. The company has a strong position worldwide in pasta premium and fresh pasta. Ebro Foods has a presence in over 80 countries in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. The company's popular rice brands include Tilda, Ultimate, and Puroma.


Adani Wilmar Ltd.

Headquarters: Gujarat, India
Establishment: 1999


Adani Wilmar Ltd. is a prominent FMCG food company offering essential kitchen commodities for Indian consumers, including edible oil, rice, pulses, wheat flour, and sugar. The products are offered across a broad price spectrum to cater to different customer groups. The company is one of the fastest-growing packaged food companies in the country. Kohinoor and Fortune are Adani’s popular rice brands in India.


McCormick & Company, Incorporated

Headquarters: Maryland, United States
Establishment: 1889


McCormick & Company, Incorporated has a global presence across 170 countries and territories and makes sales of USD 6 billion annually. The company manufactures, markets, and distributes its food products on various channels, including e-commerce and grocery channels, and supplies them to food manufacturers and food service businesses. The company’s popular brands include Zatarain's, Ducros, Vahiné, French's, Frank's RedHot, Schwartz, Kamis, and Gourmet Garden.


KRBL Limited

Headquarters: Uttar Pradesh, India
Establishment: 1889


KRBL Limited is one of India’s largest integrated rice companies. The company is a significant producer of basmati rice globally as along with non-basmati rice. The company also produces milling by-products, including bran oil, furfural, rice bran, and de-oiled cakes. India Gate, KRBL’s flagship brand operates with a total of 164 stock-keeping units (SKUs) catering to several consumer requirements. The brand also possesses the largest rice milling plant spread across 200 acres, globally. It is also India’s largest exporter of basmati rice.


ITC Ltd.

Headquarters: Kolkata, India
Establishment: 1910


ITC Ltd. is an integrated agri-business enterprise with a large presence across every node of the agricultural value chain. The company is India’s second-largest exporter of agri-products. As of 31st March 2023, the company’s gross revenue stood at INR 69,481 crores. ITC’s agri business unit has a nationwide network connecting rice millers, brand owners, and traders. The company also exports basmati and non-basmati rice to Africa and the Middle East. 


Riviana Foods Inc.

Headquarters: Texas, United States
Establishment: 1911


Riviana Foods is America’s leading rice company. It is also an extensive marketer of wild rice across the world. Riviana offers rice to its customers under its rice brands, including Mahatma®, Carolina®, Minute®, Success®, and RiceSelect®. Riviana Foods produces and markets different types of rice, including regular white milled rice, precooked rice, calrose rice, parboiled rice, ready-to-serve rice, jasmine rice, rice mixes, basmati rice, Arborio rice, wild rice, organic rice, and brown rice.


LaGrande Family Food Groups

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1851


LeGrande Family Food Groups is a provider of superior and innovative rice and food products, services, and solutions, globally. Its brand Sun Valley Rice produces non-GMO rice that is sustainably grown on California farms. It produces rice under various brands, including Planet Rice, Gen-Ji Mai™, and Daichi™.  The company ships its products domestically and internationally for use in restaurants and retail markets. 


Conagra Brands, Inc.

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States
Establishment: 1919


Conagra Brands, Inc. is a prominent food producer, owning 42 manufacturing facilities. The company earns around USD 12.3 billion annually. Conagra conducts its business through various brands, such as Healthy Choice®, Marie Callender's®, Banquet®, Frontera®, Birds Eye®, Duncan Hines®, Reddi-wip®, Slim Jim®, Angie's® BOOMCHICKAPOP®, and Gardein™, among others. The company offers popular rice dishes such as chicken fried rice, rice and vegetables, and chicken and rice soup.


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