Top 6 Companies Leading the Global RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Market

top ro membrane cleaning chemicals manufacturers


Applied Membranes Inc., Koch Separation Systems, Inc., Ecolab Inc., Avista Technologies, Inc., King Lee Technologies, and Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, among others, are key players in the global RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals market. Other key players include Lenntech B.V., Genesys International Ltd., Suez Water Technologies & Solutions, and Others.


The global RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals market would likely grow at a CAGR of 7.7% during 2022-2027. Reverse osmosis chemicals help enhance the performance of RO system membranes; impurity build up on membrane surfaces during the course of operations may negatively affect RO membrane performance; microbes, suspended solids and mineral scale may foul membrane elements, causing a loss in output and decreased system performance. RO treatment chemicals help in significantly decreasing deposits, impurities, and scale in system membrane. Specifically devised chemicals such as antiscalants, antifoulants and RO powder cleaners prevent contaminants from binding to membrane surface. Asia, North America and Europe are likely to be key markets. 


Leading companies deliver a complete range of reverse osmosis chemicals, including antiscalant RO chemicals, to treat undesirable occurrences like formation of slime that results from organic and inorganic substances present in water. 


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Top 6 Companies in the Global RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals Market

Applied Membranes Inc.

Headquarters: Vista, California
Establishment: 1983


Applied Membranes Inc. is a major player in RO expertise and membrane applications. The company produces Membrane Systems, AMI® brand and private-label Membranes, and Membrane Chemicals. Company solutions are employed in multiple applications including Water Reuse, Brackish and Sea Water, and Ultrapure Water. Specialties include Reverse Osmosis, Water Treatment, Ultrafiltration, Nanofiltration, Standardized Systems, Custom Engineered Solutions, and Membrane Elements


Koch Separation Solutions, Inc.

Headquarters: Wilmington, Massachusetts
Establishment: 1963


Koch Separation Solutions, Inc. seeks to transform the landscape of separations through synergistic technology including ion exchange, membrane filtration, dryers, evaporators, and more. It offers a wide range of innovative liquid-solid separation technologies for several applications such as concentration, product recovery, wastewater treatment, and purification. Specialties include Ion Exchange, Membrane Filtration, Drying, Evaporation, Powder Handling, Separations, and Cheesemaking. 


Ecolab Inc.

Headquarters: St. Paul, MN
Establishment: 1923


Ecolab Inc. is a key international player in water, hygiene and infection prevention solutions and services. The company offers extensive solutions, data-driven insights, and tailored service towards food safety, clean and safe environments, optimal water and energy use, and enhanced operational efficiencies and sustainability for customers in healthcare, food, hospitality and industrial markets in over 170 nations across the globe. Specialties include Clean Water, Safe Food, Healthy Environments, and Abundant Energy. 


Avista Technologies, Inc.

Headquarters: San Marcos, California
Establishment: 1999


Avista Technologies, Inc. is a significant player in membrane system chemistry and global process support, including reverse osmosis (RO), microfiltration/ultrafiltration (MF/UF) and multimedia filtration (MMF). Specialties include multimedia filtration, reverse osmosis, microfiltration, ultrafiltration, antiscalants, membrane diagnostics, cleaners, membrane autopsies, offsite cleaning and restoration, chemical projections, cleaning studies, system troubleshooting, and system performance audits.


King Lee Technologies

Headquarters: San Diego, California
Establishment: 1977


King Lee Technologies formulates and produces specialty antifoulants, membrane cleaners, antiscalants, microbiological control chemistry, sanitizing and preservative agents, and coagulants. Specialties include Membranes, Chemicals, Antiscalants, Reverse Osmosis, Membrane Autopsy, Membrane Cleaners, Nanofiltration, Cleaning Studies, iWaterPRO, Process Support, Brackish Water, Desalination, and Seawater.


Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies

Headquarters: Saint-Maurice, Île-de-France
Establishment: 1853


Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies is a key player in the water preservation process. Company solutions offer public and private sector clients required assets to decrease their environmental impact. Innovative solutions by the company help optimise water consumption, and decreased volumes employed with the objective of "zero liquid discharge


Specialties include reuse, wastewater treatment, process water, drinking water, treatment chemicals, design and build, maintenance, mobile water, biogas, desalination, oil & gas, biosolids, power, engineering, and others.


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