Top 5 Companies with a Strong Presence in the India Sand Market

top sand companies in india


Ambuja Cements Ltd, H.O. POABS GROUP, Thriveni Sand (Thriveni Earthmovers Private Limited), Robo Silicon Private Limited, and Tavara Mines & Minerals, among others, are significant players in the India sand market.


The India sand market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 6-7% annually in the forecast period of 2022-2027. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the growing construction activities.


Due to urbanisation and the rapid population growth, the demand for housing and infrastructure is growing. This is driving the demand for building materials, hence bolstering the utilisation of sand. With the growing pressure on conventional sand sources like river bottoms and protected areas due to supply-demand imbalances, the use of synthetic or manufactured sand is significantly surging.


The introduction of various initiatives by the Indian government to promote the use of manufactured or crushed sand is anticipated to push the market ahead. The demand for silica sand in India is projected to grow on account of its extensive use in various sectors, including glass, paints and coatings, and water filtration, among others. Moreover, the growing focus on monitoring and mapping sand resources to counter their overuse by both governments and international organisations like the United Nation is expected to boost the demand for synthetic sand.


The surging import activities of sand to meet their extensive demand across major end-use sectors is anticipated to favour the market growth. As the Indian government is increasingly investing in infrastructural development activities, the demand for sand is likely to rise. The surging demand for ready-to-eat dry-mix mortar products and fine-grade plaster by consumers is also anticipated to propel the market for sand in India in the coming years.


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Top 5 Companies in the India Sand Market

Ambuja Cements Ltd

Headquarters: Mumbai, India
Establishment: 1983


Ambuja Cements Ltd, a subsidiary of a multinational conglomerate LafargeHolcim, is one of India's largest cement producers. Ambuja Cement has a cement capacity of 31 million tonnes, along with 5 integrated cement production facilities and 8 cement grinding units, in India. Some of its flagship products include Ambuja Cement Compocem, Ambuja Kawach, Ambuja Cool Walls, and Ambuja Plus.



Headquarters: Kerala, India
Establishment: 1962


The POABS GROUP was founded in 1962 as POABSONS, a contracting company that subsequently expanded into multi-disciplinary commercial operations. The company aims to offer technologically viable and sustainable solutions in fields like plantations, infrastructure, waste management, biotechnology, and eco-tourism. Moreover, the company is one of the leading providers in the plantation, biotechnology, and crushing sectors.


Thriveni Sand

Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Establishment: 1994


A component of Thriveni Earthmovers Private limited, the focus of Thriveni Sand is on the manufacturing of premium quality sand. Thriveni Sand has three manufacturing plants, namely, the Perindesam plant, the Kamandoddi plant, and the Thorapalli plant. Each day, the Perindesam facility produces 7000 MT of fine and coarse aggregates across a 532-acre area. The construction industry's requirements are fulfilled adequately since the EC capacity in the plant is about 9.311 million tons per year. Meanwhile, the Kamandoddi unit has been integrated with a high-capacity five-stage crushing plant capable of generating aggregate at a rate of about 150 TPH. Moreover, Thorapalli's five-stage crushing facility has a capacity of 150 TPH.


Robo Silicon Pvt Ltd

Headquarters: Hyderabad, India
Establishment: 1999


Robo Silicon Private Limited aims to offer the finest products in every area - from mining to quarrying to processing and to product delivery. It was the first company to introduce manufactured sand in India, marketing it as ‘ROBOSAND’. It operates ten manufacturing facilities in India and has plans to expand to sixteen more in upcoming years.


Tavara Mines and Minerals

Headquarters: Bangalore, India
Establishment: 2011


Tavara Mines and Minerals is a company offering various manufactured products like brickwood, ready mix concrete, M-sand for concrete, and plastering as well as mining-related services. Some of its leading services include granite quarrying, mine development, major earthworks, controlled blasting, and drilling, among others. It is one of the leading suppliers of ready-to-mix concrete and sand in Karnataka.


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