Top 10 Companies Leading the Global Soup Market

Top 10 Companies Leading the Global Soup Market


Campbell Soup Company, The Kraft Heinz Company, Unilever PLC, General Mills Inc., Conagra Brands Inc., B&G Foods, Inc., Nestle S.A., Baxters Food Group, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., Associated British Foods Plc, among others, are the major players in the global soup market.


The global soup market reached a value of about USD 19.18 billion in 2023. The market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3% in the forecast period of 2024-2032 to reach a value of around USD 25.09 billion by 2032. As per the analysis by Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing health consciousness.


A soup is made with vegetables and meat products, making it a healthy choice for consumers. The growing health consciousness among consumers is fuelling the global soup market growth. Meanwhile, surging demand for convenience foods, induced by the rising disposable incomes and growing population, is further bolstering the demand for soups.


Over the forecast period, the instant soup demand is likely to witness a rise owing to its growing popularity among working professionals who lead a hectic lifestyle. Moreover, the emergence of e-commerce platforms is supporting the sale of soups by making packaged soup delivery more convenient and accessible.


One of the crucial soup market trends includes growing innovations in soup recipes to diversify flavours. With the traditional utilisation of soups as an appetiser in limited-service and full-service restaurants, innovative soup flavours with spicy blends with added nutritional ingredients, such as millets and mushrooms, are gaining traction.


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Top 10 Soup Companies in the World:

Campbell Soup Company 

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States
Establishment: 1869


Campbell Soup Company is a company which makes well-crafted soups, meals, and snacks. It is one of the renowned convenient food-producing companies across the world. The major brands owned by this company include Pacific Foods, Chunky, Farmhouse, Goldfish, Prego, and Pace, among others. Campbell Soup Company also offers high-quality soups, sauces, and food recipes for the end users.


The Kraft Heinz Company 

Headquarters: Illinois, United States
Establishment: 2015


The Kraft Heinz Company is a food and beverage company which offers its customers delicious and nutritious food products. Food and beverage products sold by The Kraft Heinz Company are extremely popular. These include sauces and condiments, cheese and dairy products, meals, refreshments drinks, coffee, and instant packaged soups. The company has a presence across various regions, including the Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa.


Unilever PLC

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1929


Unilever PLC is one of the largest consumer goods manufacturing companies across the world. The company offers high quality products in different domains, including beauty and well-being, personal care, home care, and nutrition, among others. Major brands produced by Unilever PLC include Axe, Bango, Dove, Equilibra, Hellmann’s, and Knorr, among others. Knorr is a renowned soup brand which is widely used across the world.


General Mills Inc.

Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Establishment: 1928


General Mills Inc. is a company which sells branded consumer food products across the world. The company owns some of the renowned brands such as Progresso which produces soups, toppers, and soup mixes. Progresso makes soups with high-quality ingredients using sustainable processing techniques. General Mills Inc. also sells afterschool snacks, desserts, and dinner meals.


Conagra Brands Inc.

Headquarters: Illinois, United States
Establishment: 1919


Conagra Brands Inc. is a leading food company which makes and sells a variety of packaged foods. The portfolio of the company includes iconic brands such as Bird’s Eye, Marie Callender’s, Banquet, Healthy Choice, Slim Jim, and Boom Chicka PoP, among others. Conagra Brands Inc. caters to the food demands of restaurants, supermarkets, and various food service establishments.


B&G Foods, Inc.

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States
Establishment: 1996


B&G Foods, Inc. is a food company which is the owner of several subsidiaries. These subsidiaries manufacture, sell, distribute, and market branded foods, both fresh and frozen. Moreover, it also produces and markets soups and stocks, syrups and spreads, and vegetables. Corporate social responsibility is a major focus arena of B&G Foods, Inc. where it passionately supports different communities.


Nestle S.A.

Headquarters: Vevey, Switzerland
Establishment: 1866


Nestle S.A. is a leading consumer goods manufacturing company and has established its position as a prominent soup brand. Some of the renowned Nestle brands include Maggi, KitKat, Nescafe, Gerber, Purina, Milo, and Buitoni, among others. This company aims at enhancing the living standards of its consumers by offering high-quality food and beverage products.


Baxters Food Group

Headquarters: Scotland, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1868


Baxters Food Group is a fourth-generation family business offering high quality food and beverages, including soup, jam, condiments, ready meals, military ration, and baby food, among others. The company strives for innovation and developing new products. The product portfolio of this company also includes pickle, beetroot, chutney, and relish and preserve. Moreover, Fray Bentos and Garner’s are some of the major brands owned by Baxters Food Group.


The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.

Headquarters: New Jersey, United States
Establishment: 1993


The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. is a prominent health and wellness company which aims towards incorporating healthy eating habits into the lifestyles of consumers. The product portfolio of this company includes snacks, soups, baby food, and meals, among others. The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. also facilitates recyclable packaging to improve the health of the planet.


Associated British Foods Plc

Headquarters: London, United Kingdom
Establishment: 1935


Associated British Foods Plc is a leading food processing company which offers a wide range of food and ingredients. The company focuses on providing food products which are safe, nutritious, and great value for money. Some of the major businesses of the company include AB Sugar, AB Agri, and Grocery, among others.

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