Top 10 Companies in the Global Weather Forecasting Services Market, Leading with Innovations

top weather forecasting services companies


AccuWeather Inc., IBM Corporation, Fugro Group, StormGeo AS, ENAV S.p.A., DTN LLC, Infoplaza Marine Weather, Met Office, Weather Routing Inc., and Precision Weather Service, among others, are the key players in the global market for weather forecasting services.


As per the analysis by Expert Market Analysis, the global weather forecasting services market size reached a value of more than USD 1.87 billion in 2021. The global weather forecasting services market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.80% between 2023 and 2028, reaching a value of USD 3.28 billion by 2027.


The market for weather forecasting services is being fuelled by factors such as the growing demand for weather solutions across industries and the increased demand for weather prediction solutions due to uncertain climatic conditions. Accurate weather forecasts help businesses and industries optimise operations and reduce hazards. Weather predicting services are useful for a variety of sectors, including agriculture, aviation, media, energy and utilities, and renewable energy. To assist their clients in navigating through potentially harsh weather conditions, many weather forecasting service providers offer industry-specific weather solutions.


The weather forecasting services market is being driven by the growing use of weather forecasting services in logistics and transportation to optimise their operations. New market expansion prospects are anticipated to result from the development of sophisticated radars, small satellites, big data analytics for weather forecasting, and the rise of the renewable energy industry. However, the market is expected to be hindered by the complexity of weather prediction models and the dynamic nature of atmospheric elements.


Due to the presence of firms like AccuWeather and DTN, which offer precise and comprehensive weather forecasting services, North America holds the largest segment of the global weather forecasting services market. Machine learning is being researched and developed for use in weather forecasting systems to identify extreme weather phenomena including hurricanes, tornadoes, and others. The demand for reliable long-range weather forecasting services is driving market expansion.


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Top 10 Global Weather Forecasting Services Companies:

AccuWeather Inc.

Headquarters: Pennsylvania, United States
Establishment: 1962


AccuWeather is considered to be among the most reliable sources of weather forecasts and advisories worldwide. Through its digital media, which includes free mobile apps and websites, as well as radio, television, newspapers, and the AccuWeather Network channel, AccuWeather serves more than 1.5 billion people every day. Its global headquarters are in State College, Pennsylvania, and it has offices all over the world.


IBM Corporation

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1911


Technology firm International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) offers hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. It provides integrated products and solutions that apply data and information technology to various business processes and industries. In order to get around the lack of specialised meteorological equipment in many parts of the world, IBM GRAF has the capacity to utilise previously untapped data sources like aviation sensors and pressure sensor readings from smartphone users.


Fugro Group

Headquarters: South Holland, Netherlands
Establishment: 1962


Fugro is a leading geo-data specialist in the world, gathering and analysing detailed data on the earth and the structures erected upon it. Fugro offers solutions by using an integrated strategy that includes the collecting, analysis, and guidance of geo-data.


StormGeo AS

Headquarters: Bergen, Norway
Establishment: 1998


StormGeo is a top provider of meteorological intelligence and data science, providing cutting-edge solutions to a global customer base through global 24/7 forecasting desks and research and development staff. The company primarily provides services to the aviation, media, cross-industry, oil and gas, shipping, and renewable energy industries. The company gives its partners and customers a competitive edge by consistently growing and enhancing market expertise, products, and forecasting quality.



Headquarters: Rome, Italy
Establishment: 2001


Italy-based Enav SpA is a player in the air traffic control (ATC) market. Air navigation and transportation support services are offered by Enav S.p.A. The company also provides services in engineering, maintenance, flight inspection, and meteorology.



Headquarters: Minnesota, United States
Establishment: 1984


DTN, a company that specialises in data, analytics, and technology, provides operational intelligence to businesses with intricate supply chains all over the world. The mission of DTN is to cut through the clutter and deliver operationally crucial, usable intelligence that customers can rely on to support confident decision-making. Delivering real-time information that enable swift and confident decision-making has helped the organisation gain the trust of its clients.


Infoplaza Marine Weather

Headquarters: Houten, Netherlands
Establishment: 2008


Infoplaza Marine Weather specialises in weather forecasting and metocean operability and offers maritime, meteorological, and oceanographic advisory services. Infoplaza Marine Weather is a provider of weather forecast services with a focus on supporting the offshore oil and gas, shipping & terminal, and coastal engineering sectors through all stages of the project life cycle, offering everything from general weather, wind, and wave outlooks to more in-depth reports.


Met Office

Headquarters: Devon, England
Establishment: 1854


The Met Office, a global leader in weather and climate services, assists a wide range of businesses, including agricultural, surface transportation, water and energy distribution, retail, and aviation. Through its relationships with media partners and involvement in disaster preparedness, it remains in close contact with the United Kingdom government and the general public. It is regarded as one of the most accurate forecasters in the world, producing 3,000 customised forecasts and briefings daily, utilising over 10 million weather observations, an advanced atmospheric model, and a powerful supercomputer.


Weather Routing Inc.

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1961


Since 1961, Weather Routing Inc. (WRI), a private meteorological consultancy company, has been a pioneer in the marine sector worldwide. In addition to more specialised regions like Florida/Gulfstream/Bahamas, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and much more, they offer global marine weather forecast and routing services for ocean crossings in all ocean basins. The company's expertise includes many other areas that are important for the vessel or business, such as global weather forecasts, and routing services for both large and small vessels. It also conducts performance analysis to examine speed and consumption for cargo vessels to protect financial interests.


Precision Weather Service

Headquarters: New York, United States
Establishment: 1974


Precision Weather Service is a pioneer in storm tracking and lightning protection for outdoor events. The company's clientele, which includes radio and television broadcasting, highway agencies, airports, ski resorts, utilities, and agriculture, is constantly expanding. Its Special Events section is an industry leader in site-specific forecasts for the safety and management of all kinds of outdoor events.

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