Top 6 Companies Leading the Global Welding Wires Market

top welding wires manufacturers


Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc., Chosun Welding Co. Ltd., Gedik Welding Inc., Berkenhoff GmbH, ESAB Corporation, and Zika Industries Ltd., among others, are key players in the global welding wires market. Changzhou Sanzhong Welding Materials Co. Ltd., Rywal-RHC Group, BS Stainless Limited, and Novametal SA, among others, are other significant names in the market.


The global welding wires market would likely grow at a CAGR of 4.7% during 2022-2027. A welding wire is a slender metallic rod ignited to create a heated arc to fuse metal pieces together (welding) by causing the wire to become soft through hammering or compressing under an employed heat source. Welding wires come in several classifications and types. Different welding jobs and base metal materials warrant an appropriate corresponding welding wire for the application. Applications in engineering, shipbuilding and in the creation of building structures are likely to boost the global welding wires market. Asia, North America and Europe are likely to be key markets.


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Top 6 Companies in the Global Welding Wires Market

Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.

Headquarters: Cleveland, OH
Establishment: 1895


Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. specializes in Plasma Cutting Equipment, Welding Consumables, Technical Training & Seminars, Welding Education, Weld Fume Control Solutions, Robotic Welding Automation, Welding Equipment, Welding Safety Apparel, and Welding Information Systems. The company is a major player in robotic welding systems, plasma arc welding, and oxyfuel cutting gear, and brazing and soldering alloys. It has a global network of distribution, manufacturing, sales and technical support across over 160 nations. 


Chosun Welding Co. Ltd.

Headquarters: 43, Goedong-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea (Jangheung-dong)
Establishment: 1949


Chosun Welding Co. Ltd. (CS HOLDINGS CO., LTD.) is a key welding material supplier in Korea. It provides first-rate manufactured items to several industrial sectors, including automobile manufacturing, ship-building, heavy chemical manufacturing, and construction. 


Gedik Welding Inc.

Headquarters: 306 Seyhli Pendik 34906 ISTANBUL / TURKIYE
Establishment: 1963


Gedik Welding Inc. is a keymanufacturer in Europe exporting welding consumables and welding machines to over a hundred nations across the globe. 


Berkenhoff GmbH

Headquarters: Heuchelheim, Hessen
Establishment: 1889


Berkenhoff GmbH is a major international producer of high-quality precision wires of non-ferrous metals. The company’s services and products are represented in more than fifty nations. The company is valued as a dependable partner for sustainable solutions in domains including welding and brazing technology, innovative high-tech precision wires for spark erosion, electronic components, and special applications.


ESAB Corporation

Headquarters: Annapolis Junction, MD
Establishment: 1904


ESAB Corporation specializes in welding consumables, cutting and welding equipment, cutting systems, welding automation, cutting accessories, welding accessories, and personal protective equipment. The company produces welding consumables and equipment. 


Zika Industries Ltd.

Headquarters: Acre, Israel
Establishment: 1950


Zika Industries Ltd. began as a Stick Electrodes Manufacturer, and over time, has come to be an international one stop shop for reasonably priced high-quality arc welding electrodes and welding wires. The company has key customers in Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Africa.


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