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Global Construction Market: By End Use: Commercial, Residential, Industry, Education and Research, Medical and Health, Others; Regional Analysis; Historical Market and Forecast (2016-2026); SWOT Analysis; Porter’s Five Forces Analysis; Competitive Landscape; Industry Events and Developments

Global Construction Market Outlook

The global construction market reached a value of nearly USD 11.7 trillion in the year 2020. The industry is further estimated to grow at a CAGR of 3.5% between 2021 and 2026 to reach a value of almost USD 14.4 trillion by 2026.


Global Construction Market

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The global construction market is driven by the rising government spending on planned infrastructure projects. In 2016, Latin America and the Asia Pacific accounted for more than half of the world’s construction output. The two regions are expected to hold a share of more than 55% by 2021. Countries such as India, the United States, and China are expected to account for a 50% share in the projected incremental construction spending. The successful implementation and potential benefits of the construction outsourcing model on a large-scale in the United States is an emerging trend in the region. The global construction sector is aided by the reduction in time enabled by the usage of technologies such as BIM (3D & 4D), laser scanning, 3D printing, and smart building systems.

Europe was the largest construction market by value in 2020 after the Asia Pacific region. In Europe, countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy are driving the market growth due to their economies stabilizing, which are creating greater employment opportunities in the region. The rising need for the modernization of ageing infrastructure and the growing housing demand in the United Kingdom are strengthening the industry growth. However, Brexit is expected to impact the Europe construction market significantly. Currently, the United Kingdom exports most of its total building materials exports to European countries. It also imports a significant percentage of the complete construction building materials from other European countries.


Properties and Applications

Construction refers to the act of creating commercial, institutional, or residential infrastructures like bridges, buildings, roads, and other structures. Based on end-use, the construction industry can be divided into:


Global Construction Market By End Use

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  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Industry
  • Education and Research
  • Medical and Health
  • Others

The report also covers the regional markets of the product like North America, Europe, the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa.


Global Construction Market By Region

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Market Analysis

The global construction market is driven by the growing population, increasing urbanisation, and the rise in domestic manufacturing. The residential segment is exhibiting a strong growth, primarily in the single-family construction segment. The non-residential buildings sector has also shown a growth in the historical period, thus, further enhancing the growth of the global construction market. The increasing modernisation of transportation infrastructure is also aiding market growth. Infrastructure related to sporting events is propelling the market forward. Bilateral trade agreements and support by China in the form of increasing Chinese investments in Latin America are augmenting the growth of the industry.

An increase in the infrastructure and housing spending by governments across the globe is invigorating the market growth for construction. Increasing private sector investments in construction is further aiding the growth of the industry. Expanding manufacturing footprint and rising foreign investments in India are also enhancing the construction market growth. In developed regions, such as North America, active non-residential construction activities, such as education, healthcare, and industrial facilities, will be the key drivers for the industry growth in the coming years. The increasing demand for consumer-oriented construction will drive the construction market in the forecast period. In South America, Argentina and Colombia are expected to drive the market aided by the rising demand from the industrial and manufacturing construction sectors.

The rising disposable income is likely to drive construction demand in the forecast period. The global construction industry is further propelled forward by the significant growth in the construction sector in emerging markets, such as India, China, Vietnam, Australia, and Indonesia. Increased investment in construction activities across various industries is providing further impetus for the construction market growth. Different technologies such as DataCAD, CADKEY, ArchiCAD, ConSteel, REVIT, NavisWorks, StruCad and Nemetschek, Corel Draw, and Bentley Systems, among others, are being increasingly used in the global construction market, which saves on time and costs during the entire process of construction, thus, further pushing the growth of the industry.


Competitive Landscape

September 2018- Fluor Corporation (NYSE: FLR) completed the construction of Solvay’s high-performance adhesives manufacturing facility in Wrexham, Wales.

The report gives a detailed analysis of the following key players in the global transformer oils market, covering their competitive landscape, capacity, and latest developments like mergers, acquisitions, and investments, expansions of capacity, and plant turnarounds:

  • Skanska AB
  • Fluor Corporation
  • STRABAG International GmbH
  • Vinci
  • PCL Constructors Inc.
  • Consolidated Contractors Company
  • GS E&C Corp.
  • CIMIC Group Limited
  • Obayashi Corporation
  • McConnell Dowell Corporation Limited
  • Others

The comprehensive EMR report provides an in-depth assessment of the industry based on Porter’s five forces model, along with giving a SWOT analysis.

*We at Expert Market Research always thrive to give you the latest information. The numbers in the article are only indicative and may be different from the actual report.

1    Preface
    1.1    Objectives of the Study
        1.1.1    Research Objective
        1.1.2    Key Findings of the Report
2    Research Methodology
    2.1    Data Extraction
    2.2    Data Corroboration
    2.3    Market Structure
    2.4    Assumptions
    2.5    Market Models
3    Introduction
    3.1    Market Outlook
    3.2    Market Scope and Segmentation
    3.3    Additional Insights
4    Executive Summary
    4.1    Key Market Developments
    4.2    Market Analysis
    4.3    Key Players
    4.4    Market Revenue and Growth
5    Market Dynamics
    5.1    Market Driver Analysis
    5.2    Market Restraint Analysis
    5.3    Industry Challenges
    5.4    Industry Opportunities
6    Global Construction Market Analysis
    6.1    Figure: Global Construction Historical Market (2016-2020) & Forecast (2021-2026)
    6.2    Chart: Global Construction Market Breakup by End Use
        6.2.1    Commercial
        6.2.2    Residential
        6.2.3    Industry
        6.2.4    Education and Research
        6.2.5    Medical and Health
        6.2.6    Others
    6.3    Figure: Global Construction Market Breakup by End Use: Historical Market (2016-2020) & Forecast (2021-2026)
        6.3.1    Commercial
        6.3.2    Residential
        6.3.3    Industry
        6.3.4    Education and Research
        6.3.5    Medical and Health
        6.3.6    Others
    6.4    Chart: Global Construction Market Breakup by Region
        6.4.1    North America
      United State of America
        6.4.2    Europe
      United Kingdom
        6.4.3    Asia Pacific
        6.4.4    Latin America
        6.4.5    Middle East and Africa
      Saudi Arabia
      United Arab Emirates
      South Africa
    6.5    Figure: Global Construction Market Breakup by Region: Historical Market (2016-2020) & Forecast (2021-2026)
        6.5.1    North America
      United State of America
        6.5.2    Europe
      United Kingdom
        6.5.3    Asia Pacific
        6.5.4    Latin America
        6.5.5    Middle East and Africa
      Saudi Arabia
      United Arab Emirates
      South Africa
    6.6    Chart: Regional Construction Market Breakup by End User Segment
        6.6.1    Commercial
        6.6.2    Residential
        6.6.3    Industry
        6.6.4    Education and Research
        6.6.5    Medical and Health
        6.6.6    Others
    6.7    Figure: Regional Construction Market Breakup by End User Segment: Historical Market (2016-2020) & Forecast (2021-2026)
        6.7.1    Commercial
        6.7.2    Residential
        6.7.3    Industry
        6.7.4    Education and Research
        6.7.5    Medical and Health
        6.7.6    Others
7    SWOT Analysis
    7.1    Overview
    7.2    Strengths
    7.3    Weaknesses
    7.4    Opportunities
    7.5    Threats
8    Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
    8.1    Overview
    8.2    Buyer’s Power
    8.3    Supplier’s Power
    8.4    New Entrants
    8.5    Degree of Rivalry
    8.6    Substitutes
9    EMR’s Key Indicators for Demand
10    EMR’s Key Indicators for Price

11    Competitive Landscape & Supplier Analysis
    11.1    Skanska AB
        11.1.1    Company Overview
        11.1.2    Financial Analysis
    11.2    Fluor Corporation
        11.2.1    Company Overview
        11.2.2    Financial Analysis
    11.3    STRABAG International GmbH
        11.3.1    Company Overview
        11.3.2    Financial Analysis
    11.4    Vinci
        11.4.1    Company Overview
        11.4.2    Financial Analysis
    11.5    PCL Constructors Inc.
        11.5.1    Company Overview
        11.5.2    Financial Analysis
    11.6    Consolidated Contractors Company
        11.6.1    Company Overview
        11.6.2    Financial Analysis
    11.7    GS E&C Corp.
        11.7.1    Company Overview
        11.7.2    Financial Analysis
    11.8    CIMIC Group Limited
        11.8.1    Company Overview
        11.8.2    Financial Analysis
    11.9    Obayashi Corporation
        11.9.1    Company Overview
        11.9.2    Financial Analysis
    11.10    McConnell Dowell Corporation Limited
        11.10.1    Company Overview
        11.10.2    Financial Analysis
    11.11    Others
12    Industry Events and Developments

Analyst Review

The global construction market attained a value of nearly USD 11.7 trillion in 2020. It is expected to witness a further growth in the forecast period of 2021-2026, growing at a CAGR of 3.5%. The market is projected to reach a value of almost USD 14.4 trillion by 2026.

EMR’s meticulous research methodology delves deep into the market, covering the macro and micro aspects of the industry. Based on the end-user segment, the construction market can be segmented into commercial, residential, industry, education and research, and medical and health, among others. North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Europe, and the Asia Pacific are the major regions in the construction market, with the Asia Pacific accounting for the majority of the market share. The key players in the above industry are Skanska AB, Fluor Corporation, STRABAG International GmbH, Vinci, PCL Constructors Inc., Consolidated Contractors Company, GS E&C Corp., CIMIC Group Limited, Obayashi Corporation, and McConnell Dowell Corporation Limited, among others.

The major drivers of the industry such as rising disposable incomes, increasing population, rising urbanisation, rising single family constructions, growing residential infrastructure planned by governments, rising FDI flows in countries like India, and growth in industrial and manufacturing infrastructure are driving the growth of the construction market globally. EMR’s research methodology uses a combination of cutting-edge analytical tools and the expertise of their highly accomplished team, thus, providing their customers with industry insights that are accurate, actionable, and help them remain ahead of their competition.

EMR’s approach gives their clients a comprehensive assessment of the prevailing and projected industry conditions through the collection, collation, and analysis of data from trusted sources. The key questions answered in the market study are:

  • How has the global construction market performed in the previous years (2016-2020)?
  • What is the forecast assessment of the industry for 2021-2026?
  • What are the major industry drivers and constraints?
  • What are the major price and demand indicators of the global construction market?
  • What are the price trends of the product in the industry globally?
  • Who are the key players in the global construction market?
  • What is the degree of competition in the global construction market?
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