Top 6 Companies Leading the Global Vegetable Seed Market

vegetable seed companies


Vilmorin & Cie, Bayer AG, BASF SE, Syngenta AG, Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV, and TAKII & CO.,LTD., among others, are leading players in the global vegetable seed market. 


The global vegetable seed market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% during the period 2022-2027. Growing population and increasing demand for food are likely to be significant drivers. Further, rising global farming standards and comprehensive use of biotechnology in seed development are likely to drive market growth. Other factors affecting the growth of the vegetable seed market include increasing demand for food items offering more nutrition and greater health benefits, decreasing arable land, diet diversification, growing use of technology in agriculture, and changes in weather. North America, Europe and Asia are likely to be major markets.


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Top 6 Companies in the Global Vegetable Seed Market

Vilmorin & Cie

Headquarters: Paris, France
Establishment: 1743


Vilmorin & Cie is a key player in the seeds sector. The company runs business around 3 activities, with two representing its central business - vegetable and field seeds, and garden seeds activity. Vilmorin & Cie seeks to make a contribution towards meeting world food challenges through the development of more efficient seeds. Being a key player in the domain, Vilmorin & Cie depends on continual investment in R&D and a robust international development strategy to sustainably reinforce its competitive positions. Vilmorin & Cie regulates all phases in the seed business, offering high-quality seeds, seamlessly adapted to its target markets.


Bayer AG

Headquarters: Leverkusen, Germany
Establishment: 1863


Bayer AG is a Life Science company with expertise in domains of agriculture and health care. Through innovative products, the company seeks to contribute to finding solutions to key challenges. The company also seeks to make important contributions towards offering dependable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw material. The company has  three divisions – Consumer Health, Pharmaceuticals and Crop Science.



Headquarters: Ludwigshafen, Germany
Establishment: 1865


BASF SE, a chemical company, manufactures, markets and sells plastics, chemicals, crop protection products, and performance products. Products include adhesives, solvents, fuel additives, surfactant, pigments, electronic chemicals, food additives, paints, fungicides, and herbicides. Furniture and wood, construction, electricals and electronics, agriculture, coatings and paints, home care, automotive, nutrition and chemicals are industries served by the company. BASF seeks to support farmers alongside the entire value chain – from seed to harvest. The company has expertise in vegetable seeds seeks to help customers across the world. 


Syngenta AG

Headquarters: Basel, Switzerland
Establishment: 2000


Syngenta AG is a major science-based agtech company. The company seeks to help millions of farmers across the globe grow safe and nourishing food. Syngenta aims to become the most cooperative and reliable team in agriculture, offering crop protection innovations and leading seeds to increase farmer prosperity. The company innovates with advanced science to improve seeds and protect crops, and significantly focuses on R&D.


Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV

Headquarters: De Lier, South Holland
Establishment: 1924


Rijk Zwaan Zaadteelt en Zaadhandel BV seeks to contribute to the global food supply with the help of its partners, and encourage the consumption of vegetables. Rijk Zwaan is a vegetable breeding company; it develops novel vegetable varieties and sells seeds produced therefrom all over the globe. 



Headquarters: Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
Establishment: 1835


TAKII & CO.,LTD produces and develops seeds. It offers different types of vegetable seeds, such as fruit crops, including cucumber, eggplant, melon, hot pepper, sweet pepper, squash, tomato, watermelon, and leafy crops seeds. Takii has operations across the world. 

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