Energy and Power

Energy and Power

The energy and mining industry provide a wide array of economic opportunities. The global demand for energy is continuously rising and is only expected to increase in the foreseeable future. Currently, fossil fuels are used as the primary source of energy worldwide. However, the environmental concerns over the depletion of finite resources have urged a shift towards renewable sources to meet the rising demands for energy.

The mining industry is huge and includes primary activities like extraction of naturally occurring minerals and ores. This industry is a major energy user. As a result, many energy efficient and cost effective measures are being undertaken to generating power sustainably. EMR’s research reports give an in-depth analysis into the key segments of the energy and mining industry which can help the clients to overcome the market challenges and hence build a successful business.  

Energy and Power
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Biomass Power Market Report and Forecast 2019–2024

The report by Expert Market Research entitled “Biomass Power Market Report and Forecast 2019–2024” provides a comprehensive analysis for anyone who plans to foray into the biomass power market.

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