About Us

Expert Market Research (EMR) represents one of the leading business intelligence and market research firms providing custom and syndicated market reports along with consulting services to our clients. Our clientele base ranges from numerous Fortune 1000 companies to small and medium enterprises.

Our database encompasses reports from over 100 industries across all major developed and developing markets. This comprehensive coverage is made possible by our panel of experienced and skilled analysts who study economic, demographic, trade and market data across the world. They stay up-to- date with the current and evolving market trends which help them address the needs of our clients head-on. Understanding these changes, we also regularly update our database and provide our clients with the latest market insights.

Our market reports are prepared by integrating a keen knowledge of market dynamics with data from multifarious sources. With ingenious primary and secondary research methodologies, we provide deep insights and generate actionable market data that enables our clients to address numerous market challenges, identify new opportunities, make strategic business decisions and achieve optimum growth and revenue targets.

With a flexible engagement model that is best suited to our client’s varying needs, we deliver market reports across various industry verticals which include chemicals and materials, food and beverages, energy and mining, technology and media, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and packaging.

Our tailored approach enables us to align our resources and services according to the needs and preferences of our clients and provide them with essential market intelligence. Whether they require a better understanding of the macroeconomic scenario, a clearer picture of their supply chain or want a competitive intelligence about their industry, our crisp yet comprehensive reports keep our clients informed.