Tracking Fitness and Staying Connected Are Primary Reasons for Smartwatch Usage

Key Features Driving Smartwatch Demand

A recent survey by Expert Market Research delves into consumer behavior and preferences for smartwatches. The market for these devices has evolved considerably, influenced by technological progress and a growing demand for multipurpose gadgets.


Smartwatches have become popular tech devices, especially among Gen Z. They have evolved from being cool gadgets to essential accessories. Whether it’s tracking fitness goals, receiving notifications, monitoring health, or managing time, smartwatches have become go-to devices for making life easier and more efficient. Recently, Expert Market Research conducted a survey in India that highlights the reasons individuals opt for smartwatches, providing insights into user behavior, preferences, and the key features driving this trend.


Gen Z Are Using Smartwatches Are Fitness And Activity Tracking


The survey revealed that the two major reasons for using smartwatches are fitness and activity tracking and notifications and alerts, with each of them being preferred by 35.62% of respondents. This highlights a strong focus on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, as smartwatches provide numerous health and fitness features, such as step counting, workout tracking, calorie monitoring, and fitness goal setting. Staying connected is also vital, as smartwatches allow users to receive calls, texts, emails, and app notifications without constantly checking their phones. This convenience keeps users informed with less disruption to their daily activities. To cater to this demand, smartwatch manufacturers can focus on improving the customization and management of notifications, ensuring users receive only the most pertinent information. Popular smartwatch brands like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung are focusing on enhancing these features to ensure user satisfaction. Another reason stated by 12.33% of respondents for using a smartwatch is health monitoring. Modern smartwatches include built-in sensors that can track heart rate, sleep patterns, blood oxygen levels, etc. Time management and convenience features are primary reasons for 16.44%.


Smartwatches Have Become Popular Tech Devices, Especially Among Gen Z


The increase in India's middle-class population seems significant driver of smartwatch demand. As disposable incomes rise, more consumers can invest in wearable technology for health, fitness, and convenience. Brands like Noise and Fire-Boltt are leading the market. Noise is growing by 218% year-on-year to gain the top spot in India. In this, social media also plays a key role in attracting customers to this technology. Major brands like Apple and Samsung frequently collaborate with tech influencers, from unboxing to providing detailed reviews about new smartwatch models and usage scenarios that appeal to potential buyers.


The survey by Expert Market Research provides insights into consumer behavior and preferences regarding smartwatch usage across different regions in India. It revealed that urban regions have shown significant adoption rates primarily due to better access to technology, higher disposable incomes, and awareness about wearable technology, whereas rural regions are still emerging but showing steady growth.


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