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Expert Market Research Explores the Top 4 Companies in the Global Mushroom Substrate Market

Top 4 Companies in the Global Mushroom Substrate Market


The major players in the global mushroom substrate market are Agaris Belgium NV, Walsh Mushrooms Group, Monaghan Mushrooms, and Coenegrachts Substraat, among others.


The global mushroom substrate market is supported by the rising mushroom cultivation, which is further expected to grow at a CAGR of 5% in the forecast period of 2022-2027.

Mushroom substrate is a substance that enables the growth of mushrooms, that is, where the mushroom grows. The product is essential for the growth and proliferation of mycelium, the primary by-product of the mushroom substrate.


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The rise of the mushroom substrate market can be linked to rising environmental awareness, as the substrate offers an eco-friendly way of cultivating mushrooms. The market further finds itself useful in its capacity to help the poverty-stricken and strengthen their livelihoods since the cultivation of mycelium requires minimal land area and substantial capital investment, which further helps market growth. This additionally supports the local economy and also provides opportunities for small-scale food processing industries. Meanwhile, the rise in awareness of the medicinal properties of mushroom substrates has further helped in the market growth.

The growing demand for mushroom substrates in the foodservice industry is propelling the business forward. The foodservice industry's improving prospects are likely to boost market growth over the forecast period. Mushroom substrates are the most important component in ex-situ mushroom growing, which does not require access to land. This kind of mushroom cultivation allows the grower to provide uniform and predictable amounts and quality of mushrooms, hence expanding the customer base. All of these factors are boosting the mushroom substrates industry.


Top 4 Global Mushroom Substrate Companies:


Established: 1984
Headquarters: Gent, Vlaanderen

Agaris is responsible for growing media for different sale segments. Professional growers worldwide are dependent on the company’s substrate for sustainable and performant cultivation. Their substrates are necessary to cultivate various products such as mushrooms, fruits and vegetables, and ornamental crops. The company is a leading player in the hobby markets and benefits from being a partner of the biggest European retailers.


Walsh Mushrooms

Established: 1979
Headquarters: United Kingdom

Walsh mushrooms are one of the largest suppliers of mushrooms in the United Kingdom. The company is determined to increase the quality of its products. It has been continuously expanding and increasingly investing in its state of art facility responsible for a continuous supply of high-quality substrate for the Irish growers. The company is also responsible for providing nationwide cold chain delivery service to retailers, food manufacturers, and food service customers.



Established: 1981
Headquarters: Ireland

Monaghan is a leading market player, focused solely on mushrooms and their by-products. Monaghan’s catalog includes a wide range of mushroom products such as white mushroom, chestnut mushroom, portobello mushrooms, forestiere mushrooms, organic mushrooms, vitamin-d, and mushroom powder.


Coenegrachts Substraat

Established: 1996
Headquarters: Belgium

One of the leading players in the industry, Coenegrachts Substraat provides premium quality mushroom compost globally. The company has its delivery system set in Belgium and Netherlands. It exports its products to a number of countries, such as Germany, Poland, France, Costa Rica, Guatemala, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Malta, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel, among others. Coenegrachts invests mainly in the environment; having completed their phase-one complex, they have been determined to minimise ammonia and odour emissions.

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