Expert Market Research Explores the Top 5 Companies in the Global Tartaric Acid Market

top 5 companies in the global tartaric acid market


Key players include ATPGroup, Noah Technologies Corporation, Caviro Extra SpA, The Tartaric Chemicals Corporation, Changmao Biochemical, and Ningbo Jinzhan Biotechnology Co., Ltd., among others. The global tartaric acid market stood at a value of USD 316.7 million in 2020. The market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 5.9% in the forecast period of 2022-2027.


Tartaric acid is a carboxylic acid which is naturally occuring and usually found in grapes. It can be synthetically produced from manic anhydride. Acids are used as additives in wine to create emulsifiers, as a buffer, as a flavouring agent and as a preservative in foods and beverages. Tartaric acid can be made from both natural and synthetic sources. Natural resources can also produce grapes and dried raisins from the residue left behind after wine production. Tartaric acid is a crystalline dicarboxylic acid found naturally in various fruits such as grapes, bananas, and tamarind. It is also known as dihydroxybutane dioic acid. It is one of the plant acids and has multiple industrial uses. It is also known as wine fermentation by-products, salt, potassium bitrate, and cream of tartar. Tartaric acid is colourless and soluble in water. It is commonly used in jelly, carbonated drinks, and gelatin desserts. It is also used for various industrial applications such as photographic printing, calico printing, metal cleaning, polishing, and various other resources.


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However, stringent government regulations are a challenging factor against synthetic tartaric acid and may prevent the growth of the global tartaric acid market. High doses of tartaric acid can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhoea are the factors affecting the global market growth.

There is an impressive 78% growth by value in the last decade, which will increase in a very responsive manner in the upcoming years with time. However, the multiple functionalities across the different industries, technological innovations, and growth in the wine industry have restricted synthetic tartaric acid in various applications, hindering the market growth.


Top 5 Global Tartaric Acid Companies:


Establishment: 1991
Headquarters: New York, United States

ATPGroup was founded as a family business in 1991, with just four people selling a single product. Now a leading supplier to the wine, beer, food, and pharmaceutical markets, ATPGroup offers an unparalleled range of high-quality products and services, including winemaking and cellar products, brewery supplies, glassware, production equipment, cleaning and sanitation solutions, parts and servicing, mobile services, tartaric acid, cream of tartar, and Rochelle salt. With warehouses across the country, the company is strategically located to serve customers throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Noah Technologies Corporation

Establishment: 1978
Headquarters: San Antonio, Texas

Noah Technologies is a manufacturer of high purity and high technology chemicals for research and production. Initially established in 1978 in Farmingdale, NY, the company moved to San Antonio in 1988 to expand its manufacturing capabilities and product portfolio. This allowed for larger-scale production versus the laboratory quantities the company was initially founded on. Now 40+ years later, NOAH has become an important partner, creating custom products used in new technologies. Noah is certified to ISO 9001, and all materials are produced under strict quality control.


Caviro Group

Establishment: 1966
Headquarters: Faenza, Italy

Caviro was founded in 1966 in Faenza, in the heart of Emilia-Romagna – a land with a rich identity and high wine vocation – to enhance the members’ grapes. Today, 50 years after the first contributions of grapes, the Group exports to over 70 countries and represents, with Caviro Sca, the largest winery in Italy and the number one company for wine produced in the country.


Tartaric Chemicals Group

Establishment: 1991 
Headquarters: Modesto, California, United States

The Tartaric Chemicals legacy began a generation ago in Milan, Italy. Founded by a lone PhD chemist, the original aim of Tartaric Chemicals was to provide high quality, affordable tartaric acid to food processors, winemakers, and other members of the food-related chemicals industry. Since its inception, Tartaric Chemicals has enjoyed solid and stable relationships with large consumers of tartaric acids, such as Pfizer, and zealously poured profits into creating increasingly adequate food chemical solutions for an expanding network of customers.


Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited

Establishment: 1992
Headquarters: China

Changmao Biochemical Engineering Company Limited is a Hong Kong-based investment holding company principally engaged in the production and sales of organic acids. The main products of the company include organic acids and their derivatives with four carbons in structures. Its products include fumaric acid, maleic acid, L-malic acid, D-malic acid, DL-malic acid, L-tartaric acid, D-tartaric acid, DL-tartaric acid, L-aspartic acid and aspartame.

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