Top 5 Companies Dominating the Global Aerial Work Platform Market

top aerial work platform manufacturers


Terex Corporation, Haulotte Group, MEC Aerial Work Platforms, Tadano Ltd., Aichi Corporation, among others, are the major players in the global aerial work platform market.


The global aerial work platform market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6% in the forecast period of 2023-2028. As per the analysis of Expert Market Research, the market is expected to be driven by increasing public infrastructure development.


The use of aerial work platforms as alternatives to scaffold and complete tasks at greater heights is propelling the market growth. Various governments and airport authorities are increasing their investments to develop and build new airports, which is driving the demand for aerial work platforms. As equipment like boom lifts are adaptable and offer enhanced speed, their ability to work in rugged terrain is positively influencing the market growth.


The development of innovative and modularised aerial work platforms offering safety, lightweight, intelligence, and efficiency is expected to propel the market. Such platforms utilise precise control technology and small swing tail design to easily and efficiently operate in urban spaces. Moreover, the demand for cost-effective, sustainable, and low-maintenance aerial work platforms that meet outdoor and indoor operating conditions is anticipated to grow in the forecast period. 


Various leading companies are developing innovative aerial work platforms offering enhanced operator comfortability, advanced features, and high efficiency. Such platforms also feature automatic unstowing and stowing and utilise one button to pack away and fold up an AWP for surged safety of operators, which is expected to fuel the market demand in the coming years.


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Top 5 Aerial Work Platform Companies in the World:

Terex Corporation

Headquarters: Connecticut, United States
Establishment: 1970


Terex Corporation manufactures aerial work platforms and materials processing machinery. Its products and services are widely used in various end-use sectors such as energy, construction, recycling, manufacturing, and materials management, among others. The company aims to offer electrical and hybrid solutions for advancing consumers’ sustainability goals and supporting renewable energy. 


Haulotte Group

Headquarters: L'Horme, France
Establishment: 1881


Haulotte Group is a leading material lifting company that manufactures, markets, designs, and sells various products focused on telehandlers and aerial work platforms. The company also offers online tools and human support to enable consumers to optimise their ownership costs. 


MEC Aerial Work Platforms

Headquarters: California, United States
Establishment: 1976


MEC Aerial Work Platforms is a company focused on enhancing the safety, affordability, and innovation of MEWP products. Some of its leading equipment of the company include rough terrain scissors, electric drive slab scissors, and vertical mast lifts, among others. In 2022, the company introduced the All-Electric 16-Foot Mast (MMAE16) to expand its vertical mast offerings.


Tadano Ltd.

Headquarters: Kagawa, Japan
Establishment: 1948


Tadano Ltd. is a company engaged in the distribution and production of truck loader cranes, construction cranes, and aerial work platforms, among others. The company’s lifting equipment is extensively used in construction activities. In August 2022, the company’s GR-1000EX-4 was chosen to perform lifting operations in the Philippines.


Aichi Corporation

Headquarters: Saitama, Japan
Establishment: 1962


Aichi Corporation is a public manufacturer and seller of mechanised vehicles for the telecommunications, electric utilities, cargo handling, shipbuilding, construction, and rail industries. Through its innovative solutions, it aims to drive sustainability in several end-use sectors.


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