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Rapid Advancement in Modern Fishery Management Tools Aiding the Growth of Aquaculture Market Across Vietnam

top aquaculture companies in vietnam


The Vietnam aquaculture market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 4.5% between 2022-2027.


Aquaculture is the inland and coastal raising, breeding, and harvesting of aquatic creatures such as fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. The global use of modern fishery management tools is driving the aquaculture market in Vietnam. Currently, the country is one of the most important producers of aquaculture goods in the world. The government has taken steps to improve this market, as they aim to enhance productivity, production, and commercial value of the products of the brackish shrimp industry by 2030. The projected value is estimated to reach 1.3 million tons.


The market for aquaculture in Vietnam is dominated by the southern area, which accounts for most of the market. This is owing to the availability of several culture systems for catfish and many indigenous species such as snakehead fish, giant river prawn, and climbing perch, such as a fence, pond, and cage culture. Hung Vuong Corporation, Vinh Hoan Corporation, Quoc Viet Co. Ltd., and Minh Phu Seafood Corporation, among others are the key players in the Vietnam aquaculture market.


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Top 4 Vietnam Aquaculture Companies:

Hung Vuong Corporation

Headquarters: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Establishment: 2003


Hung Vuong Corporation runs a closed system of producing breed, aquaculture, processing, cold storage, and exporting. Hung Vuong Corporation started off as Hung Vuong Limited Company, and later changed its name in 2007. Various cuts are provided by Hung Vuong, including well-trimmed, untrimmed, skewered, and half-trimmed. The company also provides various types of shrimps and further processed products such as dishes with fishes.


Vinh Hoan Corporation

Headquarters: Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province, Vietnam
Establishment: 1997


Vinh Hoan is a leading aquaculture company in Vietnam and is the world’s largest producer of Pangasius. Vinh Aquaculture maintains its own research and development laboratory to make aquaculture practices more market-focused, efficient, and sustainable. Along with various fillets of pangasius, the company also provides ready to cook and ready to eat meals to its customers.


Quoc Viet Co. Ltd.

Headquarters: Ca Mau, State/Province
Establishment: 1996


Quoc Viet is one of Vietnam’s leading shrimp processors and exporters. It delivers the highest quality products to the global market. Quoc Viet maintains and upholds first class standards of quality control in its processing plants and vertical shrimp farming integration system. It provides raw shrimps, cooked shrimps, marinated products as well as value added products to the global market.


Minh Phu Seafood Corporation

Headquarters: Camau City, Vietnam
Establishment: 1992


Minh Phu is the leading seafood company in the world. Its products are currently available in more than 50 countries and territories. Minh Phu has its own research institution named AquaMekong, which helps in the production of disease-free variants of shrimps. The company provides the global market with the best, freshest, and most nutritious Vietnamese shrimp products. These products include raw shrimps, cooked shrimps, and value-added products.

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